Berlin should calm down after the rental decision


eIn a brief moment the SPD had hesitated, but now it comes, the rental cover for Berlin. For five years, no increases, in addition to an absolute rent ceiling: So it has decided the red-red-green Senate on Tuesday. If you believe pollsters, the majority of Germans think that's good. No wonder that the SPD now wants the Mietendeckel nationwide.

But the discussion of the past few days shows that this instrument does not pacify the mood in the housing market. On the contrary: The owners' association calls landlords to rent increases quickly, the policy counters: not with us.

On both sides, the choice of words is getting sharper, from the coexistence has become a conflict, about which one can only shake his head. Unlike the claims of the policy is not every rent increase reprehensible, especially if it is the first for many years.

Conversely, Berlin will not fall into rubble and ashes as prophesied by the real estate associations, if a few years are a little less rehabilitated. Both sides would do well to verbally disarm. Mutual insults do not solve the housing shortage.

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