Technology Best Deals on Teleworking Software

Best Deals on Teleworking Software


COVID 19 has reached the whole world. A viral disease that affects everyone and has already left a high number of infected and deceased. To alleviate it, many governments have decreed a state of alarm that includes, among other things, do not go out. For this reason, many people have decided to move their office home and telework.

In these cases, it is necessary that all these people have the best computer tools to carry out their activity with the same ease as in your workplace. Windows and the Office suite are the most used worldwide and with them you can do many daily tasks.

If you need to update your equipment or simply take a leap in quality that improves your editions of these programs, you can go to a marketplace that will undoubtedly offer you visibly lower prices to those in the official store.

Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 2016 at rock bottom prices

The benefits of the office suite without countless. Now you can get thanks to KeysWorlds an Office 2019 license for only 29.50 euros using the discount code KWS50. If you think that it is too much for what you need and you prefer an earlier version, you can also get Office 2016 Pro Plus for 19.79 euros, benefiting from a forty percent discount using, in this case, the code KWS40.

Windows 10 for less than 9 euros

That regarding Office but you still need to get the Windows Operating System. Either because you bought a PC without it or because you want to upgrade from, for example, Windows 7. In this case, Keysworlds also has an interesting offer with a 38% discount using the code KWS38. Thanks to this, a Windows 10 license will only cost you 8.67 euros. Hurry because this offer has a limited duration.

Offers of up to 50% on the following products

Keysworlds has the following products available 50% using code KWS50.

Microsoft Office 2016 and bundles with the 40% discount using the KWS40 code.

Discounts of 38% using code KWS38.

Find all licenses at Keysworlds

Keysworlds has extensive experience in the management and distribution of software licenses, offering an excellent service that guarantees 100% consumer satisfaction. Once you place your order, you will receive in a few minutes in your email the code to redeem the license. Another of its advantages is its ease of payment. Accept PayPal, bank transfer and credit or debit cards.

In addition, and finally, the customer service is available 24/7 so, in case of mishap, one of their agents will help you.


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