Best Greninja Fan Art

The starter ninja-type, Water-type Pokémon, Greninja is one of the most beloved creatures in the series, which means it has spawned tons of excellent fan art.

Since the dawn of Pokémon, fans have been enchanted by the tractable pocket monsters and the ever-expanding universe they come from. The detailed art on Pokémon trading cards and video games has captured fan imaginations, leading to some truly impressive fan art, especially from fan-favorite monsters like Greninja.

A Water / Dark-type, Greninja is the final evolution of Gen 6 beginner Froakie. Greninja can be identified by the long tongue that he uses as a makeshift mask and the ninja stars made of compressed water that he uses as projectiles. A fast and offensive Pokémon, Greninja has earned a prominent place in the minds of Pokémon and Nintendo fans, and has also appeared as a playable fighter in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

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Below are illustrations of Pokémon Greninja created by various fans of the series. Freed from the pressures of sales or brand continuity, these artworks often paint a unique story for the froggy fighter and offer a special perspective through the eyes of the artist. Take a look at Greninja reimagined by these fans and follow their linked usernames to find more of their work.

Pokémon Fan Art: Genial Greninja

Greninja takes a brief respite from his battles in this DeviantArt piece from ColdBed. Viewed rotating one of its signature stars, this image brings out a lighter, calmer side of Greninja. Instead of being on the attack, he seems to be having a moment of reflection. Greninja’s humanoid form also paints a parallel with spinning a basketball on your finger in this piece. This is a good time for levity for this prowling Pokémon.

Pokémon Fan Art: Cute Greninja

Greninja fan art SplashBrush

Rendered in a way that Pokémon fans have probably never seen before, this SplashBrush piece from DeviantArt is fun and refreshing. Greninja is swimming in a comfortable pool, either bathing or relaxing. His eye is a clear indication that Greninja is enjoying a moment of selfish pampering in this piece, and it gives fans a charming sense of fun that is often lacking in Greninja illustrations.

Pokémon Fan Art: Fight Greninja

Fan art by Greninja Phill-Art

This illustration of Greninja errs on the side of realism, thanks to DeviantArt’s Phill-Art. In this piece, the soft tone that Pokémon often sets has been replaced by harsh lines and shading. Greninja’s iconic ninja stars have been replaced by fierce-looking water daggers, and Greninja doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.

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Pokémon Fan Art: Jumping Greninja

Greninja Fan Art KeiNhanGia

Here is Greninja in his true happy place. In the middle of battle, and on the verge of doing some serious damage, this DeviantArt rendering of Greninja by KeiNhanGia is enough to make any Pokémon fan’s blood pressure spike. Greninja appears to be summoning large pools of water and preparing for a huge fight.

Pokémon Fan Art: Greninja realista

Greninja Fan Art ReneCampbellArte

The nightmare fuel for this final illustration is created by Deviant Art’s ReneCampbellArt. In addition to an ultra-realistic rendering of Greninja, Froakie and Frogadier, the other two members of this evolutionary line, are also included. Greninja is seen here with his usual tongue scarf, and the realism of this piece makes him look more awkward than ever. It’s a unique look at what a real-world Pokémon would look like, and how much it would differ from the version fans know and love.

Fan art is the gift that keeps giving. Since Generation 1 Pokémon, artists have shown fans what kind of opportunity exists if one can see beyond the original illustrations and designs. There is no limit to what talented artists can imagine, and with the world of Pokémon Continuing his growth, Pokémaniacs can be thankful that the incredible library of fan art will grow with him.

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