Best Minecraft Seeds on Xbox One (August 2020)

We give you a list of seeds for Minecraft in Xbox One version so you can live unique adventures while discovering more ways of survival.

We offer you a selection of the best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One as of August 2020, some new adventures that you will be able to enjoy with interesting proposals that will take you from survival to the purest action.

There are billions of seeds for Minecraft, and we want to select the best ones that have been released during the month of August for Xbox One, some essential adventures that you should try while waiting for some unexpected surprises.

That is why we offer you the seed code and a brief description so that you know what you are going to find, and also the recommendation of some coordinates that you should visit to make the most of them.

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Best Minecraft Seeds on Xbox One (August 2020)


You will appear near a village with a blacksmith and a fortress, even if you are lucky you will be able to locate a series of diamonds that can be found in a ravine that is not far away.

Specifically, you have the fortress at coordinates 880, 27,119 and diamonds at coordinates 636, 12.52.


It is a seed with a lot of locations that you must visit, from desert towns, villages of all kinds and even abandoned mine shafts: These are the recommended coordinates:

Desert town

604, 63, -1193

-325, 69, -1148



460, 66, -320

126, 62, -334

Savanna town

239, 70, -1519

Abandoned mine shaft

3900, 27, -478

Jungle temple

1302, 72, 832

1732, 66, 575


If you are looking for a seed with quite rare biomes, you can try the next one because it offers us an abyssal portal, also a deformed forest, and there are even many variants of the new Nether biome.


This seed has become famous in recent weeks because it is the protagonist of a speedrun through which users are trying to overcome it in the shortest time possible, so you can also try it.


If you can’t go to the beach this summer, you can try this seed that offers us a totally tropical island for you alone, and where you will also find three shipwrecks and different ocean monuments.

These are the most important coordinates:


311,42, -165



Ocean monuments


157,62, -120



A seed that results in a series of quite strange landscapes like a town that has been built around a huge ravine. You are going to find a totally abandoned building where you have to carry out your creativity to make something bigger. You are going to find a fortress in a ravine just below the town.


If what you want is diamonds, this is your seed since at least it has different diamonds exposed to collect at first sight. In addition, you will also locate a double ravine, which means that within it there will be many secrets inside. These are the coordinates that we recommend:

Ravine with exposed gold

111, -142

Pyramid temple

40,83, -903

Double Canyon

95-24, -128



-55,12, -619

-105,12, -632


For lovers of rare biomes, you can try this seed because as soon as you appear you will see a biome full of ice and snow that is the prelude to a huge area that you can explore. Next to this biome, you will also see another but quite rare bamboo that will surprise you.


This seed is quite complete and varied, because we are going to find different areas of interest to visit such as a ravine, an extraction pit, villages, witch huts or even a shipwreck near the place of appearance. These are the coordinates that you should visit:


1619, -139

Witch hut

2162, -139


1824, -177

1874, -579

1344, -1194

1429, -1486

Barranco mine shaft

1453, -1446


1785, -918


If with two or three towns you do not have enough, you can enter this seed where you have more than 10 towns, but also temples and biomes to discover. These are all the coordinates that we recommend you visit in this seed:

Desert temple

-1812, 72, 2326

Ocean temple

2185, 76, -714


-309, 65, 52

Zombie generator

-999x 29, 718

Skeleton generator

287, 61, 1020

Witch hut

-2188, 65, 1779


-1189, 67, 728

With this you already have the Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One August 2020. If you need more tricks do not forget to consult our Minecraft general guide , best seeds on temples , great seeds of terror ,the best october seeds , December Y November, and the best august seeds ,of September, January 2020 , February 2020 , March 2020, May 2020, June 2020, July 2020 Y August 2020.


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