Bet on Ferrari, advantage of the 1st line, Mercedes title: the Grand Prix in the questions


A strategic advantage for Ferrari?

Yes. In "super soft" as the poleman Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) last year, Sebastian Vettel jumped on the rope at the No. 1 curve to fly to victory. On Saturday, the Scuderia driver opted for the opposite solution, qualifying as "tender" in Q2, like his team-mate Kimi Räikkönen. If Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is less likely to fail, in "super soft" kickoffs, the German will be able to count on a longer first staff to trap the money arrows. And the unique stop strategy that is emerging will only increase its chances of success.

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

Is "super soft" a risk for Mercedes?

Yes. The W09 had developed blisters with the "tender" as the "super soft" on Friday, and the track temperature should be higher. The Gray had worried about this prospect and the verdict would arrive this Sunday. A penalty can not be ruled out, especially for the prevalence of caution: the German team has left for the third consecutive race the famous ventilated rims that had solved the problem of overheating the Belgian Grand Prix. The known failure in Austin and Mexico could therefore have a continuation.

The determination of the pole?

Not exactly. Only 14 of the 34 winners of the current version of the circuit went first. A low conversion rate due in part to the rain that often upset the race. However, since 2008 there is a premium on the first line. Each time, the future winner was in this row at the start.

Can Red Bull play a role?

A priori no. The circuit requires too different qualities to package to make Milton Keynes' car shine. "We are very fast in sector 2 but unfortunately, 1 and 3 expose our weaknesses"summarizes Christian Horner, the director of the team. And if Max Verstappen starts fifth, Daniel Ricciardo pays his turbo change from the sixth to the eleventh place on the grid. Knowing that no one has ever won in Sao Paulo by going beyond eighth place, let's imagine the kind of challenge that awaits him.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) at the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2018

What are the possibilities for French?

Romain Grosjean (Haas) continues his cyclothymic season: at the bottom of the chasm in Mexico, he became euphoric with his ninth time, transformed to the eighth place. After two Grands Prix to face a burst of penalty, Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) will attack a race in normal conditions, from the 9th place.

Darker perspective Esteban Ocon: Force India's partner rises from 18th position. A bad choice of settings was added to a five-seat penalty for an exchange rate change.

Does the circuit promote overtaking?

Yes. The circuit delivered 31 positive overtaking in 2015, 64 in 2016 and 37 in 2017.

Mercedes Champion manufacturers on what conditions?

The German team has 55 points ahead of Ferrari and will have 43 points after 71 laps. This title would be historic: it would be only the second time that a brand wins the two titles for five consecutive years, after Ferrari from 2000 to 2004.

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