Bethesda shared the details of the main update The Elder Scrolls: Blades


Mobile The Elder Scrolls: Blades, despite its high-sounding name, has turned out to be the usual shareware software with timers, speakers and other unpleasant elements. Since that time, the developers have increased the premiums for daily and weekly assignments, adjusted the balance of offers for direct purchases and made other changes, and not plan on this.

Soon the creators will change the cost of repairing the equipment, as many users consider it too high. According to Bethesda, the developers have already figured out how to better balance costs: it only remains to wait for the patch. The balance of the Abyss at high levels will also change and the public has repeatedly expressed itself on this issue. D & # 39; now on, the abyss will be "More interesting and honest".

The complexity of the instructions will also be corrected, including the indicator of this complexity (the skull) will make it more informative. Now the number of skulls far from always accurately reflects the difficulty of the task, which is why players are not ready and die due to difficult missions. Finally, another important change will be the adjusted difficulty levels of the enemies – according to the authors, the fact that some opponents are too strong and can attack the characters too often was not part of their plans.

"We are also working on a major update, which will include further changes and improvements initiated by the players, such as decorations and additional materials."– adds Bethesda. They promise to share all the details at E3 2019 and such detailed descriptions of upcoming updates will be published each month.

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