Better than expected – despite the Ubisoft formula


The new online shooter The Division 2 has kidnapped our author Schuhmann. He says: The game is much better than I thought – but the Ubisoft formula can be seen with all its advantages and disadvantages.

That's how I played The Division 2: I spent 42 hours in The Division 2:

  • The first 35 I played almost exclusively alone, until the penultimate mission of the campaign, I did all the main missions alone. I made slow progress, I undertook every mission, eliminated all checkpoints
  • but after a traumatic experience on Roosevelt Island I switched to team play. Since then, I have driven the Black Tusk through the new main missions, collecting Loot at record speed and going from World Rank 1 to 2 in a few hours
Here's how my agent looked at the beginning. Somehow innocent.

This is the big difference: The difference between "solo" and "4-man team in the instance" is serious:

  • While I stopped on my own, I had to play carefully
  • Run around four wild savages dancing wildly like a bunch of cowboys' rums – looks a little like shooting at the right booth on tin ducks

But this will surely change in the Endgame again, if the NPCs stand up more and are more dangerous – in the "Story Mode", the difference seems serious

The Ubisoft formula: this district is 8 years old and you have a great open world.

What is the Ubisoft formula? The "Ubisoft" formula indicates a specific design scheme in many Ubisoft games:

  • The world is divided into individual "districts"
  • Here you have to take control points, complete missions and find collectible items
  • then go to the next area and start again from the beginning

The design team elaborates the research model of a district and then multiplies it 8 times, building a "big world". The Division 2 always follows this Ubisoft formula.

This is how the Ubisoft formula influences me: The Ubisoft formula always has the effect on me that I devour the game at the beginning and in the middle of the game and I love the first 4, 5 zones.

I play much more than a comparable game and I really like the game, like the chicken wings in the fast food restaurant or the episodes of a really good show, watching the episodes.

But usually with two thirds in a game with
The Ubisoft formula will make me a little impatient.

Here's how I felt in The Division 2 and entered the "Groups and loot" mode.

This is what my agent looked like after 35 hours – I had almost only played alone.

This makes The Division 2 better in the Ubisoft formula: The real idea that The Division 2 is "Environment Storytelling" – you live the story of how the world is around you.

With The Division 2, as the mission progresses, the settlements are rebuilt, giving people the comfort of life.

This is the great thread on which The Division 2 is suspended and this makes the game very good.

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My strong point in The Division 2 is not the gameplay, but everything that surrounds it

To reward a Division 2 to look away from normal ways, the world is alive and rewarding even for having rummaged.

As a result, the world does not seem sterile and designed like a drawing board.

These were my expectations for The Division 2: I thought it would be a solid, somewhat trivial shooter, that I'd like to play now, but that doesn't blow my stockings.

I found it particularly interesting that The Division 2 probably wouldn't have had these "problems to launch" – like other online titles.

I also enjoyed playing Division 1, but I never really felt like I wanted to go deeper: I played The Division 1 for about 30 hours and then 40 hours in the following months from time to time to see what progress there was.

And progress has really been in Division 1 – you can just take off your hat from Ubisoft, who have gradually left the game.

division 2 museum mars 2
Absolute highlight in The Division 2: Space with Mars Rover.

I had a wow moment

Here's how it really was: Division 2 I think is much better than its predecessor. I enjoyed spending the 42 hours with the game now.

This is mainly due to 3 things:

  • The Division 2 overwhelms me from the beginning with the loot and gives me interesting decisions, which I develop, which weapons I grab
  • The mid-game with the two museum missions is excellent. The place with the Mars Rover and the Planetarium is one of the best and most incredible gaming experiences I've ever had in a game: it was really cool
  • The fights are exciting and the atmosphere is fantastic – it's nice to be under attack while your opponents echo and something explodes. I like the gameplay

Especially the moments in the museums were real "wow" moments for me, in which the game was much better than I had ever thought.

The Division 2 surprised me so much, I didn't see it coming: Planetarium, Mars Rover, Vietnam – all really fantastic sequences and battles.

This is my conclusion: I didn't expect much from The Division 2 and these expectations were far exceeded.

The Division 2 is a stolen shooter with a strong and mesmerizing atmosphere in the best moments.

But I think the effect of the game depends a lot on how you play The Division 2 and what you do for yourself: while the solo game was a great challenge for me, the game in the group was more or less busy "But maybe will change as I progress.

This is my current agent after 42 hours and with the specialized sniper equipment.

Is it finished after 42 hours? It's also surprising that I spent a lot of time with the game and I haven't even started much:

  • With the whole "Min / Maxing" aspect of The Division 2, I am hardly busy, this is where the charm of The Division 2 should develop.
  • I wasn't even in PvP.
  • I didn't look specifically for anything, neither masks Hunter or Exotics or the mysterious trader Cassie Mandoza.

After 42 hours and at World Rank 2 I arrived formally "somehow in the final", but I don't feel it at all.

One thing is clear: division 2 has a lot to offer, even after over 40 hours of play.

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