Betty and Barney Hill, 1961


Betty and Barney Hill lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Betty (1919-2004) was a social worker, with a degree from the University of New Hampshire, and Barney (1923-1969) was a post office worker. The couple was catapulted into the international spotlight when in September 1961 they claimed to have been abducted by the aliens in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The two were returning home to Portsmouth from a trip to Montreal, Canada, when they drove lights approaching from the sky as they drove in the middle of the night.

What followed was the first well-documented and legitimately legitimate UFO abduction of the story. The couple claimed to have seen bipedal humanoid creatures in the window of a large spacecraft landed in a field, after which they had no recollection of the next two hours. They returned home to Portsmouth, unable to explain the missing two hours. Both Betty and Barney have undergone physical changes since the night before, including Betty's torn and stained dress, Barney's scraped shoe and a broken binoculars strap. But neither of them remembered what was happening.

About a year after their abduction, Betty and Barney sought a hypnosis therapy to reveal the events of the missing two hours. Through many sessions of hypnosis, both were able to remember what had happened and both had similar stories. Betty Hill, through her experience, became one of the best known voices in UFO research. The publicity she received from her abduction made her famous internationally. He continued his research on UFOs for the rest of his life, even after Barney's sudden death in 1969.

The hills, although best known for their association with UFOs and their abduction, were also active civil servants in their New Hampshire coastal community. Both were members of the NAACP and belonged to a local unitary church. Barney sat in a local council of the United States Civil Rights Commission.

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