between cure and Covid, it went from 134 to 102 kilos!

It was our colleagues from Laatste Nieuws who revealed it this Wednesday. Prince Laurent lost 32 kilos from 134 to 102 kilos. “I did it without special regime and according to my character”, specifies the brother of King Philippe. He admits all the same that it was not easy: “Sometimes I wanted to eat my pillow because I was so hungry but I had to get rid of those extra pounds”.

In fact, tells us the Prince, whom we contacted this Wednesday morning to find out more about his reason which led him to lose those excess pounds, he was indeed sick with the Covid. “It was five weeks ago. I believe it was the twins who first got sick even though they never tested positive. It was my wife who got it first and then I got it. Then it was Louise ”.

►► He talks about the symptoms that affected him: “I was very tired, I had a temperature and I had lost my taste”

►► And he tells us more about his “slimming cure”: “My diet was to eat less”


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