Health Between household chores and exercise, this is how Michelle...

Between household chores and exercise, this is how Michelle Renaud and her son are quarantined with Danilo | The last

The actress from ‘La reina soy yo’ shared to the program ‘Hoy’ that she has been painting and that Danilo writes a book

Due to the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Mexico,

Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud

they decided to put themselves in voluntary quarantine with the little one


and in interview for the program ‘Today’ They shared some activities that they are doing at home.

“Hello people of the program Today, we are doing our quarantine together, we have not left home”, explains Michelle while you can see the little boy playing with Danilo.

Soap opera star like ‘Daughters of the Moon’ and ‘The Queen is me’ He highlighted that during the time he has had free he has painted, in addition to having exercised together and sharing intimate moments with the minor, who is 3 years old, in addition to the fact that the Ecuadorian interpreter is writing a book.

“We have a work of art, we have cooked. Danilo is writing a book “, said Michelle to the Danilo added:” I am writing a book that surely when all this is over they will be able to see, it is spectacular “.

The actors showed that in addition to playing with Marcelo, they inculcate him to do household chores, such as washing dishes and mopping, in addition to the clip showing him watering the plants in his garden

“Stay at home, it is very important that we do not risk anyone, we do not know if we are carriers of the COVID-19, therefore we do not risk people, stay at home, take care of ourselves and enjoy this time, it can be very That quarantine is tedious, but if we change the chip it can be a lot of fun, ”said Michelle. While Danilo ended by saying “take advantage of time and do productive things.”

During the past two weeks, Michelle you have used your account


 to promote a series of activities to take care of our health during this quarantine with the information of the TodoVien Agency, which is dedicated to contacting companies, the media and opinion leaders with actions that improve the environment in order to make a change in the world.

21 DAY CHALLENGE! The best way we have to help each other as a nation is to stay home. Let’s create moments ALL COME with ours, this is the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves. @todo_vien ”, he wrote on March 19 to accompany a series of images with some recommendations and activities for quarantine.

Do you have symptoms and need to know if it is coronavirus? If you are in CDMX, send a free message to number 51515 with the word covid19 or dial 55 5658 1111. Answer a short questionnaire and if necessary, the authorities will look for you. # TelevisaTeAcompaña



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