News Beware, the following trivial things can make you fail...

Beware, the following trivial things can make you fail to register the batch 9 pre-employment card

RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI – The government is still aggressively providing Card Programs Pre-employment for people who are entitled to receive. Recently, Card registration Pre-employment wave 8 closed Monday, September 14, 2020 yesterday.

For participants who have not succeeded in wave 8 yesterday, the opportunity is still there to try on wave 9 which will open soon.

Requirements needed to register for the program Pre-employment wave 9 is still the same as the previous waves.

This article was previously published on with the title Beware, These Trivial Things Can Make You Fail Wave 9 Pre-Employment Program List!

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Participants who are lucky get help in the form of incentives of Rp600 thousand per month, for 4 consecutive months.

In addition, a number of competency test training opportunities were also provided to recipients of pre-employment card assistance in an effort to improve the quality of human resources in competing in the national and global arena.

The requirements for registering the Card program Pre-employment that is:

1. Make sure you are an Indonesian citizen



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