Bezos and Gates decided to save the planet together. They put billions in ‘green’ technology Companies and markets

Two of the world’s three richest people, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, want to spend billions of dollars to fight climate change. They currently have a new plan: to put money into creating demand for high-tech products such as electric cars. According to them, this will allow manufacturers to reduce the price to a level accessible to all.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who “moves” with Elon Musk for the position of the richest man on the planet, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the world’s number three wealth asset, want to work together to reduce the impact of “green” technology costs on the final price. products.

There is a huge difference between the cost of traditional and new technologies, which is reflected in the price of products. Example – cars with internal combustion engines are significantly cheaper than electric cars, especially when launching the product on the market.

“The idea of ​​creating a demand side for green products, especially at an early stage, when their green premium (price difference between a car with an internal combustion engine and an electric car, for example) is very high, is something here – as we realized “Missing,” Bill Gates told Bloomberg television on Monday.

“If the price of newer technology is too high for the average consumer or government, then people like Gates and Bezos can use their capital to stimulate demand and reduce prices to a level acceptable to all,” added Bloomberg. According to him, Bezos promised to invest $ 10 billion (over 213 billion crowns). In the interview, Gates only pointed out that the founder of Amazon will invest twice as much in the project as he did.

Gates and Bezos are already collaborating on an alternative propulsion project for commercial aircraft. The non-Axis company Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund and Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures have invested more than $ 21 million each in the UK’s ZeroAir start-up. The platform, which is also financially supported by the British government, deals with electricity generation technology for hydrogen aircraft. The ZA-600 should carry 10 to 20 passengers and fly 500 miles (about 805 kilometers).

Instead of beef vegetable

Bill Gates, who put his book How to Prevent a Climate Disaster on the shelves in February, believes that climate change is a far bigger problem for humanity than the current coronavirus pandemic. According to him, the impact of environmental degradation, which is due to man and his industry, has more complete and global effects.

“Deaths will increase as heat waves, forest fires and, most importantly, the loss of the opportunity to go out and grow near the equator,” Gates said. However, he said, it is difficult to get people to pay attention to disasters that will only come in decades and that can be prevented. “It’s a real test of humanity, to invest ahead in problems that come later,” Gates said.

Gates also answered the question of how he copes with his famous passion for burgers. In the past, photographers have often captured him standing in line for this delicacy. The founder of Microsoft let it be heard that half of the burgers he eats are of vegetable origin.

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