Biathletes are waiting for the last fight for places in the Olympic nomination

Davidová, Jislová, Lucie Charvátová, Eva Puskarčíková, Krčmář, Jakub Štvrtecký, Adam Václavík will compete in the World Cup, and after a break caused by positive coronavirus tests Tereza Voborníková and Mikuláš Karlík. They are all the main adepts to start under five circles.

Tereza Vinklárková, Vítězslav Hornig, Tomáš Krupčík, Jonáš Mareček, Tomáš Mikyska and Milan Žemlička will nominate the lower IBU Cup in Osrblí. “We want to see the boys in a direct confrontation before the Olympics,” said the head coach of the national team, Ondřej Rybář, on the federal website.

The criteria of the association show that the nomination after Ruhpolding and Osrblí will be guaranteed to the competitors up to 30th place in the overall ranking of the World Championships (currently Davidová, Jislová and Krčmář) and to the 10th place in the IBU Cup rankings. The quotas will then be supplemented based on the results in the series.

Photo: Petr Slavík / Czech Biathlon, CTK

Czech competitor Markéta Davidová in the picture from the World Championships in Hochfilzen.Photo: Petr Slavik / Czech biathlon , CTK

The question is how many places the Czechs will occupy in both categories. Currently, they rank 10th in the nations for the Olympic Games, which are the last to guarantee five places for Beijing, the eleventh position only four. The last in the ranking will be the relays in Ruhpolding (women on Friday and men on Saturday). Men will defend the position before Slovenia and women before Switzerland.


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