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Alexander Loginov, after winning the first Russian medal of the new season, did not seem the happiest man. In an interview with Russian journalists, he was reproached for the mistakes of the past, explained why he rarely smiles and said he wanted the awards not to be single, but permanent.

"In the end it turned out to be zero," Loginov said after the finish line. – Last year in the sprint I constantly had errors that prevented me from getting on the podium. I'm glad that today everything is different. The last 500 meters have been fantastic. I managed to lose 6 seconds on them. I have not figured out how I did it yet.

– The absence of Anton Shipulina as reflected on your team?
– It's close, just 2.5 hours away. We communicate constantly with him, we stay in touch. I think he will be back soon and will be tall.

– How did you feel, competing for two days in a row?
– Today's race for me was more difficult than the individual, because yesterday I went to the fresh finish. However, I have always worked hard.

– Was the ski slope badly broken?
– Naturally. Difficult weather conditions and artificial snow have been affected.

– Did the crash in yesterday's race affect your condition?
– No. I do not blame him, because yesterday I did a good job with a massage therapist. Even with weapons, everything is in order. The only problem was – lots of water in diopters.

– In the absence of a free day after today's individual competition was handled harder than usual?
– Naturally more difficult, but you can adapt to any condition, especially because there will be three races in a row in Hochfilzen.

"Why did not you push so hard to the finish line?"
– This is not a very good ski slope at the finish line, and this is bristling with a fall.

– After the first medal, not only this season, but in general, after the return, is the feeling that the load has fallen from the shoulders?
– It's good that everything happened. Somewhere I was not lucky, but I do not want to look for excuses for this. However, today I had to suffer for the sake of doing it on the track.

– How deeply do you experience these failures and you immerse yourself in yourself, like Anton Shipulin?
– Everyone is digging in himself, but I try to forget it quickly and move on. We must not live in the past, but in the present, and prepare for the next race.

– At the selection of Kontiolahti you were not satisfied with the choice of skis. Now is the best inventory situation?
– The problem was not so much in the choice of skis, but in the fact that they drove. I understand that this is not a single season. We are now doing a great job with our service and manufacturer team. They do everything to find good skis. There were really problems in Kontiolahti. I do not want to hide them. I think the difficulties are hardened.

– How comfortable is the training method of the new technical staff for you?
– The method is slightly different, not the one used before. Khovantsev – an expert trainer, through which many great athletes passed. Dialogue and compromise are needed somewhere, but we are working on it.

– So you're comfortable or not at all familiar?
– Somewhere comfortable, somewhere uncomfortable, but in any case, the conclusions must be made at the end of the season. After the second or third race it is a bit difficult.

– Three tutors are involved in your training: Khovantsev, the coach of the regional team Maxim Kugaevsky and the personal trainer Alexander Kasperovich. Everyone has their own opinion on training, how to deal with it?
– I have good relations with all of them, I keep in touch with them, I always recommend. However, we have a specific training plan, which we adhere to.

– Did yesterday's race help you warm up?
– 20 km are a doubt heating. Today there was muscle fatigue, because I was a little undervalued. But at the same time I felt better than on the relay, where, on the contrary, there was not enough competitive practice.

– Do you study English now?
– At a certain level I know him, but this is not enough to give an interview comfortably.

– Are you shy for your English?
– First of all, it is a question of lack of practice.

– In today's sprint tuned in a special way?
– No, I just tried to show the maximum and I did everything for that. But even today, when filming was done and there was a good move, there are things I've done imperfectly. I was not lucky at the finish, and I lost 0.3 seconds. I would not say that sprinting is my favorite discipline, because I tune in every race. If yesterday there had been no fall, today everything could have been a little different.

– Why do you always have an evil and dissatisfied face in your photos? Now this tension has let you go?
– No. I'm an emotional person, but I prefer to keep the emotions inside. This is today. I do not want to dwell on this race. I want to constantly show my maximum. There were good races: fifth seventh place and a feeling of stability, but this is not what you expect and not for what you train. This is not the dream for me. If this were the maximum of my skills, I would prefer to give way to young athletes. I want to get on the podium not sporadically, but constantly.

"But the medal would not free you?"
– But we are not training for a medal and a performance.

– So sets the task of repeating the success the day after tomorrow?
"I understand you want to ask for plans or some kind of tactics, but you should not worry about yourself. You just need to go out and do what you know how, what we've earned. If you are well prepared, you will have the opportunity to fight for the medals.

– From the beginning, how to behave. Will you follow Antonen Hygonne or will you lead him?
– I do not want to talk about it yet. I just want to relax after two days of competition and not think about anything.

– Last year you had the closest pursuit opportunity in Annecy when you fought for bronze with Anton Shipulin. For some reason, many thought she deliberately gave it to him as this medal was more necessary for him. Can you refute this?
– I will confute. It is clear that Anton is a strong finisher. At that time I was ready a little bit stronger and the final lap was stronger, but he was stronger at the finish line. Perhaps I was not allowed to win the width of the route and the length of the arrival corridor. In any case, he deserved this medal.

– Did you know that for six years in a row our team can not do without Podiums in Pokljuka?
– No. I did not follow these statistics.

– Did the fall of yesterday have encouraged and benefited you?
– He only pushed to go quickly to the doctor and the masseur, and rather they got dirty with the painkillers. And how else can it stimulate? In any case, I am guilty of everything. Why should I push myself further? There is no point in reproaching yourself. This happens in the biathlon. You can go with three zeros and then lose the last shot.

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