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Transmission terminated 07/12/2018 in 17:34.

Latypov has finished the fortieth position! The race is coming to an end, the last athletes finish, but the layouts in the top 10 will no longer be affected!

Latypov after the second shot is the 31st. We expect the Russian to appear at the finish line and congratulate Loginov for the first pedestal of the season!

Slepov fails the first round competition! Three misses leave the Russians behind the race!

Slowly position the final table. Great athletes have finished the race. I think nobody will deprive Alexander Loginov of a well-deserved bronze today! We are waiting for the distance between Slepov and Latypov!

Edward Latypov slipped in the second round! The track is broken, the athlete will not be able to play the delay with his feet! More than a minute falls to the head.

Alexey Slepov goes in the race! Latypov before the second round goes to 22nd place!

Eduard Latypov worked cleanly in the first round! 22 seconds loses the leader, goes to the 14th place after the first line!

Three tenths of a second are inferior to Loginov for the French in the fight for second place! Third at the finish Alexander. This is a good result!

Hygonne is second at the finish line, he just passed the tape, losing Be 16 seconds! Loginov will keep up the fight for silver?

The baby in the second shot is accurate, but goes too far with three missed: the 45th position!

Loginov for a mile on the finish line keeps the second place! 23 seconds behind Be! The Frenchman Hygonne was tired at the finish, allowing Garanichev to overcome himself!

While on the finish line the troika looks like this: two brothers Be and Benedict Doll! Garanichev is 13th, while Eliseev is 18th.

Johannes Bo crosses the table with a wide margin of time! But Loginov, who is fighting for a medal today, is already following him!

Alexander Loginov has exactly worked on the second shot and how fast! The second one came out of the shooting range Alexander! 20 seconds from Redhead!

Edward Latypov went in the race!

Tarja Beo wins 4 seconds at the finish line of Deenio! But the Frenchman has two misses, and the Norwegian – one.

Eder at the finish lost 0.8 seconds to Simon Destiou, who with two missed leads the finalists table!

Three missed misses allow Malyshko in the first round! With complete calm! The race is over for him.

Yeliseyev is the eighth at the finish with 40 seconds behind the French Detsyo, who led the table to the finish line! Two missed in Matteo in the race.

Johannes Boy missed the second shot, but this did not stop him from leaving the leader with a twenty-second advantage!

Loginov at the first clean click worked! 20 seconds behind the leader Alexander, 10th place!

With Miss Tarja Be gives Eder only 8 seconds to exit from the second shot! The fight will be!

Eliseev 12th after the second shot, about 50 seconds from the leader.

Krchmar at the finish line first, Garanichev – second, Fourcade – third. But so far.

The boss is changing! After the second shot, the Austrian Eder leads to Krchmar 15 seconds! This is an attempt to win!

Phillon Maya can claim high places! He purely worked on the second frontier, and the first was a Frenchman. But the weather is not bad!

Dmitry Malyshko went to the race! But Fourcade begins to lose Garanicheva at the last mile. Interesting!

Eliseev perfectly passed the second line of fire!

Garanichev, one kilometer and a half from the finish line, is still the first, but now the Czech will surely move. But will Fourcade move?

Shempa did not get the first shot, but Johannes Be – like anything else! After the first shot, the brother confidently overtakes "Redhead" in the fight for the first place! 15 seconds of advantage.

Alexander Loginov went into the race! Meanwhile, Bo shows exceptional results on the first cuts!

Fourcade is correcting! The second shot on the net allows the Frenchman to drive the race! But not for long – Krchmar with two zeros overtakes Fourcade for 17 seconds and for 18 – Garanicheva!

So far, Eugene is the first one to exit after the second pitch, but with a penalty you can not count on much.

Evgeny Garanichev an error allows, unfortunately!

And the Windish leader on the second pitch lost twice. Lost and Peifer. We are waiting for Fourcade and Garanichev!

Fourcade about 5.3 kilometers can not get close to Garanichev! 18 seconds between them, the gap widened.

Two missed in Eliseev, unfortunately it did not go.

The Garanichev 5.3 cut takes place simultaneously with Windisch! Eliseev before firing 8 seconds lower than the leader! We are waiting for Matthew!

The Czech Krchmar in one leg with Garanichev has left the shot: the athletes leaving the polygon share the first place. While no one can get close, let's see how the alignment changes on the cutoff.

Garanichev continues to lead the race after the first line of fire! We are waiting for Eliseev at the shooting range.

The Germans Lesser and Schempp will soon arrive in the race, and Fourcade after passing through the penalty loses 16 seconds for Garanichev!

There he is! Fourcade misses the second shot on the bench!

Garanichev clean worked in the first round! The race is led by Eugenio!

At the beginning of the second part of the race will go Hofer, Fillon Maye, Eder, Tarja Be! Good group But the Italian Vindish has already shot with precision!

Fourcade has passed the sign of 2 kilometers. Not the best French, Garanichev only loses 4 seconds for him.

Matvey Eliseev went to the race! We wish good luck to the Russian athlete!

Garanichev at the sign of 2 kilometers gives the boss Pifer only half a second! Not bad

Fourcade went to the race! Will we see if the French can win the second win in a row and the 76th in his career?

There is no one to deploy in the second ten starters, but all the same, the names of the Ukrainian Semenov, of the Norwegian Birkeland and of the Russian Yeliseyev, which starts below the sixteenth number, rush into the galaz.

He started Eugene! We wish him good luck on the track, especially because Martin Fourcade will race after him! Under the seventh number, the French starts in a minute!

Hello friends!

The first athlete has already gone in the race, and behind him in the first group series figures begin to take place: Dominic Windisch, Arn Peifer and Yevgeny Garanichev!

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