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FOLLOW HIS FATHER’S LEGACY. Miguel Ángel Campos Junior, son of‘, will dabble in humor like his father, who was a well-known traveling comedian in the 2000s.

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In a preview for the show ‘On the Sixth Day ‘, the young man of only 26 years old is shown in the character of his father, now called ‘La Bibi Wantán Jr. ‘ In the images, he is seen making Bibi’s characteristic faces, such as her exaggerated crying, in addition to her well-known personality and wardrobe.

The only thing she asks is that they allow her to inherit some dresses that her father wore for his shows.

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26-year-old, who bears the same name as the late traveling comedian, advertises herself as the ‘Bibi Wantán Jr’. It will debut in comedy this Saturday in ‘Al Sexto Día’. Video: On the Sixth Day


On Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 1:30 in the afternoon, the popular traveling comedian Miguel Campos, better known as La Bibi, died at the Covid de Ate hospital, as a result of cardiac arrest.

The comedian was admitted to the aforementioned hospital for several weeks, after catching the dangerous coronavirus while working as a street vendor with his brother to cope with the crisis that triggered the pandemic.

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Miguel Angel Campos he was hospitalized and connected to a mechanical ventilator for more than sixty days. Weeks before his death, his brothers, Jhonny and Lady, reported that he had presented improvements and even regained consciousness.

Shortly before that, ‘La Bibi’ He had to be re-admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the aforementioned hospital for presenting some health problems such as fever, low blood pressure and a heart palpitation issue. “He was sped up too much so they decided to admit him to ICU to stabilize him. They stabilized it but it is still connected to the fan ”, Sister reported at the time.

He also indicated that the comedian had contracted a bacteria very resistant to drugs, so they asked for help to supply the Covid de Ate Hospital.



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