Bidding competition: Microsoft beats Amazon on 10 billion order for the US military

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Microsoft beats Amazon on 10 billion order for the US military

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Microsoft is to realize the Jedi project for the Pentagon

Source: dpa / Matthias Balk

The US Department of Defense wants to build a secure cloud for the armed forces. Most recently Amazon and Microsoft offered the order for more than ten billion dollars.

Dhe US technology giant Microsoft has prevailed for bidding races for a billion contract with the US Department of Defense. As the Pentagon announced on Friday, Microsoft should take over the so-called Jedi project to build a cloud system for all branches of the US military.

Jedi is of course an expression from "Star Wars", but here means "Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure". The contract has a volume of ten billion dollars (nine billion euros) and runs over ten years.

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Satya Nadella, chief of Microsoft

Recently, only Microsoft and the online retail giant Amazon had applied for the major order. Previously, the software group Oracle and the IT service provider IBM were eliminated, which had also signaled their interest in the project.

The front runner was actually Amazon. But Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is a frequent target of US President Donald Trump. Bezos is also the owner of the newspaper "Washington Post", which reports critically about Trump.

"We are surprised by the decision," said an Amazon spokesman. You are clearly at the forefront when it comes to computer clouds.

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Donald Trump and General John "Jay" Raymond (r), head of the new space command

"Supremacy in the universe"

In October 2018, the Internet giant Google had withdrawn from the bidding race and referred to ethical concerns. Google was not sure if the Jedi project its own principles for dealing with artificial intelligence correspond, said the technology company as a reason.

Google published guidance on how to use Artificial Intelligence last year. This should therefore not be used for weapons or violence against humans. The company responded to employee protests against a US military drone project.

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