Biden, Easter greeting with giant rabbit with mask

On the occasion of the Easter greetings, the President of the United States Joe Biden and First lady Jill were immortalized on the balcony of the blue room of the White House in the company of a giant, man-sized rabbit, rigorously equipped with a protective mask. As theActedIt has been traditionally since 1878 that the Easter egg roll has been organized in the White House on Easter Monday, canceled for the second consecutive year due to the pandemic. It is an event dedicated to children and for which 30,000 tickets are usually distributed. President Biden said he was eager to organize Easter egg roll next year, when Covid has finally been defeated for good.

The long tradition of Easter egg roll

The “rolling of eggs” – or Egg rolling – is a famous game typical of the Anglo-Saxon culture. How does it work? Very simple: the goal is to roll the eggs, usually on a carpet of grass. The winner is whoever manages to roll an egg for longer without breaking it. How does the White House website, the first Easter egg roll at the White House was held on April 22, 1878 after President Rutherford B. Hayes agreed to open the grounds of the presidential residence on Easter Monday to children who wanted to roll eggs. In April 1889, President Benjamin Harrison added music to the Easter Egg Roll, ordering the United States Marine Band, known as “The President’s Own,” to play lively tunes as the children romped in the South Lawn.

The giant rabbit tradition dates back to 1969, when one of First Lady Pat Nixon’s staff members donned a white jumpsuit and a rabbit mask, shaking hands with children along the South Lawn driveway of the presidential residence. In 1998, the White House Easter Egg Roll celebrations were broadcast live on the Internet for the first time, and in 2009, tickets for the event were distributed online for the first time. As in 2020, also this year, due to anti-Covid restrictions, the traditional event was canceled. Looking forward to better times.

Joe Biden and the giant rabbits (with mask)

This year, the lieutenant colonel took on the role of the Easter Bunny, dressed in an elegant vest Brandon Westling, from the Air Force, advisor to the US President. The entire east portico of the White House was decorated with bunnies with masks. The president and the first lady distributed wooden souvenir eggs at vaccination sites this year. As reported InsiderHe wasn’t the only giant rabbit in the White House yesterday, however. The other, also dressed in a more feminine-looking spring dress, entertained reporters in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. Meghan Hays, director of communications for the White House, later revealed in a tweet that she was the woman behind the giant bunny suit.

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