Biden plans to unite the defense of Ukraine and Israel

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Joe Biden’s Government is finalizing an aid package for Ukraine and Israel which will also include funds for the fight against illegal immigration across the border with Mexico and, perhaps, for the defense of Taiwan, worth 100 billion dollars (about 94,000 million euros). The big issue, however, is the chaos of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, where that party, despite having the absolute majority, cannot agree on who should govern that body, which in practice leaves the Legislative Branch of the United States paralyzed and without the possibility of passing any law, including this one.

Biden’s proposal to make a combined aid plan for Ukraine and Israel may relaunch your image of a statesman who seeks consensus, while the Republicans are divided and unable to have a leader. The calendar also works in the president’s favor, given that Donald Trump has seen his ability to criticize, insult and threaten the officials who have prosecuted him in four different cases, severely restricted after a judge last week imposed an order that prevents him from making statements on the matter. Trump also has his limited freedom of political actiongiven that his fraud trial has been taking place in New York since the beginning of this month, which could end up forcing him to get rid of a large part of his real estate assets and companies in that state where he has carried out most of his career as Businessman.

Despite the Republican paralysis in the House, the aid package has the support of practically all of the Democratic Party and much of the Republican opposition, since it includes two areas in which both parties are in complete agreement – Israel and Taiwan – one in which the Democrats have the support of the anti-Trump sector of the Republican Party – Ukraine – and, finally, a fourth in which Democrats have no choice but to recognize the seriousness of the situation, even if that means implicitly acknowledging that the Republicans were right: immigration. Joe Biden plans to head to the country tonight (early morning today in Europe) to talk about the Israeli crisis and announce – although possibly without many details – his plans. to support that country and Ukraine. Biden was also going to ask House Republicans to come clean once and for all and name a president, although it does not seem difficult, given the degree of factionalism in the party.

The news means in practice that the United States will be supporting massively two countries – Ukraine and Israel – at war, something unprecedented in recent US history. He also raises the question of how Washington will be able to maintain military production for both states, given the brutal pace of ammunition and equipment attrition of a modern conventional war, as has become clear in Ukraine. This Thursday the Washington news website Axios reported that the United States has begun handing over Israel 155 millimeter howitzers that were going to be destined for Ukraine. Since 2022, the US had removed, with the approval of Tel-Aviv, these howitzers from its arsenals in Israel to deliver them to kyiv. Now, however, Israel says it needs them. Already in 2022, Washington left without the weapons it had promised to Taiwan to give them to Ukraine; Now, it’s kyiv’s turn.

The details of the aid program are still being finalized, but it is expected that the vast majority of resources be delivered to Ukraine. That is an idea that the Democratic leaders – Chuck Schumer – and Republican – Mitch McConnell – of the Senate, who designed three weeks ago when the US Public Administration avoided its closure for a matter of hours due to the lack of a budget agreement within the caucus. Republican of the House of Representatives. The agreement reached on the edge It gave money for the State to maintain its normal functioning until November 17, but in exchange it left Ukraine without additional aid. Since then, the US has halved its arms deliveries to kyiv. If more aid is not approved, in just over a month the US will stop giving military material to Ukraine, a measure that the most ‘Trumpist’ and pro-Russian sector of the Republican Party has been demanding since 2022.

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