Biden will ask Congress to approve "urgently" aid for Ukraine and Israel and accuses Hamas and Russia of wanting "annihilate" democracies

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The president of United States, Joe Biden, announced this Thursday that on Friday he will send to Congress a “urgent” budget request to finance “national security needs” of the United States and support Israel and Ukraine.

“It’s a smart investment that will pay dividends for American security for generations,” Biden said in a speech from the Oval Office of the White House, which was broadcast live by the country’s main television networks.

“American leadership,” said the president, “is what keeps the world together.” and “turning away from Ukraine” or “turning your back on Israel” is “putting all of this at risk” and “not worth it.”

According to what the American press leaks, Biden will ask, among other things, quantities60,000 million dollars (about 56,718 million euros) for the war in Ukraine, 14,000 million dollars for Israel and 14,000 million dollars for the United States border.

“Help us keep American troops out of harm’s way. Help us build a safer, more peaceful and more prosperous world for our children and grandchildren,” Biden noted, showing his clear goal of mobilizing public opinion to put pressure on Congress, which is united in the need to support Israel, but divided in support for Ukraine.

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