Bids in PRO of Santa Fe for the armed of the larretismo

After the virtual launch of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta as a candidate for president, in PRO Santa Fe they claim Mauricio Macri but they are enthusiastic about the upward path of the head of government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Caba).

This week, the main reference of the PRO in the province, the national deputy Federico Angelini, met with Rodríguez Larreta at the Buenos Aires government headquarters, in the Parque Patricios neighborhood.

The meeting took place a week after the press conference in which Larreta questioned Alberto Fernández’s decision to back down with the increase in co-participation that Macri had in 2016. That message, the mayor nationalized his speech: in addition to the Buenos Aires, spoke to Buenos Aires, Cordoba and “Argentines who live in the City.”

With the contagion curve declining in Caba, Larreta and Angelini resumed face-to-face meetings, which they had had to interrupt in March due to the pandemic. At the beginning of July they shared a Zoom, in which some 500 Cambiemos leaders from across the province participated.

Actually, the relationship between the two goes back a long time. In Macri’s first government in the city, whose chief of staff and the true driving force behind the management was the current head of government, he was in charge of the Management and Social Intervention Unit.

At the meeting held at the Uspallata street headquarters, Angelini gave Rodríguez Larreta a critical look at the governments of Omar Perotti and Pablo Javkin.

“I see Omar quite lost in how to solve structural problems in the province, especially in terms of security; times are running out for Marcelo Saín, ”the second vice president of the PRO at the national level told La Capital. As for the city, I told him that I see a mayor without a consolidated government team, and that he wants to take care of everything and at the end of the road he does not end up doing anything at all well.

In turn, Larreta asked the governments for accompaniment. “He believes that we have to support sanitary measures and that later we look for those responsible for the things that were not done in these six months,” Angelini said.

Closer to the tough wing embodied by Macri and the national head of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, Angelini considered that the former president “is a very important person at each discussion table” of the alliance but admitted that Larreta may be the next presidential candidate of the space. “It is a possibility, without a doubt, any leader who is at the level of Horacio wants to grow,” acknowledged the legislator.

The truth is that whoever wants to get on the Larreta train too is Angelini’s internal opponent in the game, Roy López Molina.

The first vice president of the Municipal Council will coordinate next Monday a Zoom with his main political partner in the province, José Corral, and in which the vice chief of government and Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Diego Santilli, will participate.

With the excuse of talking about what they consider the main problem in the province, near López Molina they recognized that the activity is a first step to build the “Santa Fe larretismo.”

However, the coincidences end there. This week, the PRO of Santa Fe closed a single list of authorities, from which the sector led by López Molina was dropped.

“The list was put together within the framework of the unit, beyond the fact that some said they were going to present themselves to the intern and they did not,” Angelini added.

“Since March we have been saying that in the face of an increasingly complex reality we cannot allocate time to discussions or internal fights, just because of a chair in a minor governing body, we retired because we felt that decisions should not and will not happen there more important that we have to take in the future ”, responded the Rosario councilor. And he warned: “We remain affiliated, and we are going to express our ideas freely.”

The differences are not only internal: they are also projected into the electoral strategy. While López Molina and Corral are reluctant to a “front of fronts” that brings together the PRO, the UCR and the Socialist Party, Angelini told this newspaper that if the tool “is Together for Change, better “, but he slipped:” If it is a broader alternative, we will think about it. “


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