Big bang! The cover of Gallardo and D´Onofrio who will be the replacement for Martínez Quarta: “He has personality”

There are gaps that, in many cases, cannot be covered and leave a huge gap in a computer. And of course, with the departure of Martínez Wednesday, the world River began to walk the walls thinking that he could never find his replacement, in a position where the new player of the Fiorentina it was entrenched. But it should never be said never.

The Millionaire leadership considered that yes or yes it should go out to look for the replacement of the defender of the Argentine National Team, either from the outside or from the inside. And the lamp was lit in Rodolfo D´Onofrio’s office when the following idea came up. Why is it that instead of spending millions in a plant, does not start to train the new Martínez Wednesday?

That is why in Núñez they already have the future replacement of Chino behind. Therefore, while Robert Rojas does the same with Javier Pinola, Marcelo Gallardo will be shaping and polishing the new young reference in defense. «Augusto Aguirre He is a very strong boy in the remove, he has personality, perhaps he should enhance even more his technical qualities that he has, “he slipped Luigi Villalba at Crack Deportivo.

The former coach of the Reserve recognized the potential of the young River Plate player to earn a place in the First of the Band. «He can empower them more to be even more complete. He’s aggressive, he’s doing well from the top, he’s quite, he’s not slow and he’s very fast. Over time you can do it. You have to enter and demonstrate in River, “he said.

For his part, Villalba opined on the departure of Martínez Wednesday to Fiorentina, a player he managed for a long time in the Third. «It makes me happy because he is fulfilling his dream, he already fulfilled it while in River. And I do not hang the medal that he was with us, I really appreciate the effort that he and his family made. A boy of that age goes through many things and I enjoy it a lot for him, “he concluded.

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