Big Hit and Need to Clean Up

WHILE, – Member of Commission II DPRD Medan, Syaiful Ramadhan, assessed that the release issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia regarding Medan City being the dirtiest city in Indonesia was a serious blow to Pemko Medan, especially the Medan City Environment Service to improve.

It is said, after the ratification of the Perda on the merger of regional apparatus organizations (OPD) last December 20 2022 and the issuance of Perwal 97 of 2022 concerning the Position of the Organizational Structure of Tasks and Functions and Work Procedures of Regional Apparatuses, currently some of the tasks of the Medan City Sanitation and Landscaping Service are being delegated to Medan City Environment Service, especially cleanliness.

With the issuance of a release from the relevant ministry that Medan is the dirtiest city in Indonesia, the relevant agencies must seriously pay attention. “Cleanliness is included in the priority program of Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution. The Mayor of Medan may pay serious attention to this assessment,” he told Waspada Online, Tuesday (24/1).

The head of the Medan DPRD PKS faction added that the city of Medan had not received the Adipura award for a long time. The last one was received, during the time of Mayor Bachtiar Djafar. This means that the release issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry regarding the dirtiest cities is homework (PR) that Bobby Nasution must complete in the remainder of his tenure.

“Not only floods and infrastructure, the issue of handling cleanliness is also included in the five priority programs. We in the faction often discuss the matter of TPA (Final Disposal) and TPS (Temporary Storage) for waste in Medan City. This should be taken seriously,” he said.

Syaiful did not deny the Mayor of Medan’s seriousness in solving the waste problem in this city, by delegating the task of handling waste to the sub-district level. However, there is something that needs to be addressed, namely regarding the rules in terms of handling it. “I see the Mayor of Medan is serious about dealing with waste. But it seems there are handling regulations that need to be addressed,” he concluded.

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When Online Alert tried to contact the Head of the Medan City Environmental Office, Suryadi Panjaitan, via text messages or his cell phone, but never responded. (will/mr/d1)


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