“Big station” for Stefanie Grob

In the bulging hall itself, you met everyone who was of rank and name in Innerrhoden. The governors Roland Dähler and Roland Inauen, Sandra Sutter, head of the AI ​​sports office, sponsors and representatives of the Eastern Swiss Ski Association were present. René Wyler from the Appenzellerland sports school also did not refrain from congratulating his protégé in person.

The environment has to be right too

Landammann Roland Dähler addressed words of praise to the two-time world champion and two-time runner-up world champion of this year’s Alpine Junior World Championships in St. Anton. That the canton can celebrate such a success with her is not a matter of course. In order to be able to achieve such a performance, you not only need talent, ambition and getting up again after a defeat, but also many people in the background who guarantee 100% support, says Dähler. The family and the sports trainers play an equally important role as the athletes themselves. Roland Inauen, as well as Sandra Sutter – head of the sports office – could only agree with these words.

(Club) history written

Simon Fässler, President of the Brülisau-Weissbad ski club, was just as proud that Stefanie grew up in this club, showed her talent early on and has now written club history with her success.

The SCBW colleagues wrote and rehearsed a song especially for the young athlete, which could well become Stefanie’s anthem. The Musikgesellschaft Brülisau also honored her and conveyed the congratulations in musical form.

“Rush” for their fan club

Stefanie Grob was visibly touched by the many words of praise and congratulations. She also fulfilled the autograph requests with composure. Despite her young age of 18, she bravely mastered the onslaught and has already turned out to be a media professional.

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It was a fitting reception for an athlete who, according to interviews, was surprised by herself and her performance. All good things don’t come in threes, but four.
What is certain is that the fan club will certainly accompany them to one or the other race in the future. The foundation is imminent and on this evening almost 100 people have already registered.

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