Bigg Boss Malayalam: Dr Robin Army plan how to eliminate Riyas from the show, even they are ready to gift a Flat for Robin | Bigg Boss Malayalam: Robin Army expels Riyaz; Bigg Boss is not seen, but Robin Fans’ six in the voting

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 is now totally messed up. Fans reacted offline and online, as if Dr. Robin had been fired. Criticism is mounting against Asianet and Mohanlal. When Dr. Robin arrived at the Thiruvananthapuram airport, the whole world saw how much fanfare there was.

Robin Fans was the first to call for a boycott of Asianet and Bigg Boss. But that does not ‘end the quarrel’. Even though Bigg Boss has not been seen, the fans’ goal now is to get rid of the remaining Riaz who led to Rob’s dismissal. The only way forward for them is to vote for others. There are those who vote like this and share the screen shot and inspire others.

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There are two major Facebook groups formed by Dr. Rob’s fans. Dr. Robin Army Officer and Dr. Robin Army. The first group has more than seventy-four thousand members. The second group consisted of more than fifty-three thousand people. The current main discussion and call in these groups is to oust Riyaz. Another category is those who take advantage of opportunities and come forward after Robin’s exit.

Jasmine Moosa, who caused Robin to leave, has already left Bigg Boss herself. Yet there is still no shortage of attacks against Jasmine. In response, Jasmine agrees.

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Another call is that Bigg Boss should no longer be seen or supported by any other contestants, even if Dr. Robin says so. The other day, some of the group members suggested that if all the members of the group donated 100, they could buy a flat worth more than the gift of Bigg Boss.

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This is not the first time that Bigg Boss contestants have had a large fan base. Earlier, when Dr Rajit Kumar was expelled, the fan reaction was the same. Feroz Khan and Sajjana were also ousted from Bigg Boss last season. They too later received great audience support.

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