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Bilal Allam: Zamalek is the most popular of Al Ahly in the Gulf and Ramadan Sobhi is the best

Sports commentator Bilal Allam confirmed that Zamalek Club is more popular than Al Ahly Club in the Gulf countries, as it is the closest to the African Champions League this season, saying in his dialogue with the media Ibrahim Fayek in the program “The Audience of the Tale” broadcast on On Time Sport 2: Zamalek is the owner of the greatest popularity in most of the Gulf states and outperforms Al-Ahly, and the closest to winning the African Championship this season, after the level he presented in front of Esperance and toppling him and achieving the Egyptian and African super.

On his affiliation, Bilal Allam said that he was a fanatical fan club for Al-Ahly club until 2005, and he became completely neutral, confirming that after the 6/1 match he bought 30 newspapers and dispersed them to the people in the streets while he was going to university from the joy.

On the national team of Egypt, Bilal Allam said: “The problem of the Egyptian team in the 2019 African Championship was coach and technical choices, because we failed to deliver the ball to Mohamed Salah. To see the choices that make the difference in matches.

Bilal Allam explained: that the Egyptian team currently lacks the personality of the captain, which is represented in the falcon Ahmed Hassan or Hussam Hassan, because they are more than appeared in their role with the team, and we are currently suffering from poverty in talents in addition to the large number of injured, stressing that our Lord gave me a great blessing named Mohamed Salah, which was The reason for our rise to the World Cup.

Bilal Allam added: that Egypt had a great generation from 2004 to 2010 with football ballads, Hosni Abd Rabu, who was oppressed in the media, alongside Mohamed Shawky, Hani Saeed, Al-Hadary and Muhammad Zaidan, a generation that was great and the replacements were at the same level.

Sports commentator Bilal Allam confirmed that Ramadan Sobhi was the best player in the Egyptian league last season.

On the best player in the league, Allam indicated that Ramadan Sobhi was the player of Al-Ahly, he was the best player in the Egyptian league last season and led Al-Ahly to crown the title in the last games at the expense of Zamalek. “And on the champion of the century, Bilal Allam said: Al-Ahly is the champion of the century in Africa, and I am always with Documentation and proven decisions, so that the opposite can be proven.



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