Bill de Blasio wants to become President of the United States


Dhe mayor of America's largest city, New York, has announced his candidacy for the US presidential election. For a long time, Bill de Blasio had been intent on announcing a decision, again and again he had only denied the call to exclude a candidature. The 58-year-old de Blasio 2014 mayor of New York and was re-elected once. With his entry, 23 well-known Democrats are now arguing about who may compete against incumbent Donald Trump in November next year.

The entrance de Blasios was already leaked at night, but only on Thursday he published a video on his Youtube channel in which he makes the announcement official. Already his first sentence shows where de Blasio is politically: “There is enough money in the world, there is enough money in this country, It is only in the wrong hands,” says de Blasio, whose name comes from his Italian ancestors, who had come as immigrants to the United States.

In his video, and probably in the election campaign, he focuses on helping working families. Here he can refer to his achievements as mayor of New York. He introduced the minimum wage there, provided people with health insurance and introduced a care program for children under the age of five.

De Blasio is expected on Thursday in the NBC television program “Good Morning America”, where he is to perform together with his wife Chirlane. Then, according to American media reports, he plans a trip to Iowa, the state where the first area code takes place in February of next year.

The field of Democrats, who want to compete against Trump, has now grown to 23 with de Blasio. It is currently being polled by former Vice President Joe Biden, who announced his entry into the race a few weeks ago. The decision as to which Democrat will be able to play against a Republican rival in November 2020 – probably Donald Trump – will be made in the primaries next year.

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