Bill for the problems of the Trent 1000 engine of the Rolls-Royce reaches £ 2.4 billion


TThe head of the Rolls-Royce blamed the problems with his latest engine of "surprising coincidences" that they left at the mercy of a billion pounds.

Warren East revealed an increase of £ 800 million to £ 2.4 billion for the total bill to solve problems with the Trent 1000 engine used by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The higher costs also led to a downgrading of the forecast of operating profits for the entire year of Rolls, with the forecast that it should now reach the "low end" of the range previously announced from £ 600 million to £ 800 million.

Parts of the Trent 1000 were consumed faster than expected, causing the grounding of the aircraft and the depletion of huge bills for the company while correcting the over 600 engines involved.

Airlines are unable to fly …



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