Bill Gates predicts what will happen next in the pandemic. Some doctors also think so

Bill Gates is considered by many to be an authority, a genius mind that can predict what will happen. Now he has said what he thinks about the pandemic and when it may end.

Photo Łukasz / Warsaw w Pigułce

Bill Gates corresponded on Twitter about the future of the pandemic with Devi Sridhar, who is a professor of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

The billionaire and philanthropist predicts that once the omicron is over, the situation should stabilize and calm down. In his opinion, most cases will be unvaccinated and due to the large number of infections, the majority of the population will receive immunity for a long time, whether due to vaccination or disease. Then the pandemic will become endemic.

The situation will calm down and Covid will become a seasonal disease. Those who do not want to get sick will have the vaccines, just like the flu vaccines. According to Bill Gates, this will offer protection against severe illness and death, but vaccines are missing two important things. Firstly, the duration of post-vaccination protection seems to be limited, and secondly, it is still possible to re-contaminate yourself. However, the billionaire reserves that the scenario will come true, unless an even more dangerous variant appears after Omikron, although in his opinion it is unlikely.

His opinion coincides with some specialists, incl. Dr. Anthony Fauci, US President’s Chief Medical Advisor.

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