Billa launches a loyalty campaign with a nutritionist

Photo: Wiki Commons

The Bill chain is launching a loyalty campaign with Tupperware dishes to keep fresh food. Nutrition specialist Tereza Havlínová participates in it, who will advise customers on how to store fresh food more efficiently and healthily.

The campaign is supported by TV and radio spots, and a competition for prizes worth 250,000 crowns is being prepared online. It will run from January 13 to March 29. Under the slogan “To keep it healthy,” Bill urges customers to reduce food waste, in which Czech households account for 40 to 50 percent, according to surveys. Tupperwere cookware can help with this initiative, prolonging the freshness of fruits and vegetables by up to three weeks.

Customers can get dishes for collected stickers when shopping for 250 crowns. For every 10 or 20 stickers collected, they can buy one product at a discounted price. Surcharges range from 69.90 crowns to 299.90 crowns. Products cannot be purchased at full price and are available while stocks last.

“At the same time, the campaign wants to draw attention once again to the amount of disposable plastics used, which have increased even more during the coronavirus pandemic. By repeatedly using Tupperware brand containers, we can again help in this area more significantly as individuals, ”says Dana Bratánková, corporate communications manager at Bill ČR.

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