Billie Eilish and Remix Ruins The Song by "Bad Guy" by Justin Bieber


Completely cancel the magic of the original track.

Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber have been making fun of a "Bad Guy" remix all week, and now it's here, we are confident in calling it a cashless grab, something that eventually cancels the magic of the original track.

On paper, the remix is ​​not very different from the original, which we recently called one of the best songs of 2019 so far, but Bieber's addition removes the innovative element of the track, turning it into a & # 39 other glue all other.

While the heavy and ghostly song doesn't change much, Bieber adds some imitations and inflections of Eilish – and his verse in which he plays the "villain" of the song. On it, he raps through the autotune on his tattoo sleeves, gold teeth, and as he does not sleep. There are also some "skrrts" thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, it all feels completely dead for the song. Eilish's debut album When we all fall asleep, where do we go? it's incredibly fresh and innovative, entirely produced and co-written by the dark-pop prodigy with his brother, FINNEAS. It is pop from the outside of the machine, which deals with obscure subjects (climate change, anxiety, suicide) in a skillful way, clearly not trivial.

Bieber's radio-slick voice doesn't work in this world, although to be honest with him, we're not sure anyone would really do it. Eilish's album is so unique and idiosyncratic that it seems counter-current to let us in more. And since Bieber's "bad man" character is much more a fodder tabloid than Eilish's demonic and aesthetic sound, he slows the track down a side step. We leave Eilish's underworld and head towards the infamous world of Bieber, a coquettish and arrogant r & b.

What is the deal then? Why did it happen? Well, Eilish has a longstanding love for Bieber – he spoke Ellen and the pleasure of being a pre-teen Belieber later in the day, and when the two finally met at Coachella this year, it became viral.

Pair the two on a track is a nice ending for a narrative – hell, the YouTube image of the remix is ​​from a very young Eilish in his bedroom covered with Bieber's posters. The inevitable collab is a practical trick on a label cover, and a quick look at the US Billboard charts gives some clarity as to why it was pulled out now.

& # 39; Bad guy & # 39; it is one of the greatest songs of the year, but it has not broken the coveted position n. 1. Since its release in April, it has spent 14 weeks floating around n. 2, although the album itself has cracked the top spot.

While all pop songs are successfully made in mind, this blatant attempt to hit the number 1 makes it unfeeling. It is particularly disappointing to come from one of the most innovative acts of 2019.

It was basically blocked by the ridiculously remixed of & # 39; Old Town Road by Lil Nas X with Billy Ray Cyrus, who had 14 weeks at the top of the charts. If it reaches 17 weeks, it will be the longest number 1 ever in the history of the chart. In short, it's great news, especially for an artist's debut track – not to mention the fact that it comes from a bizarre black rap country artist who first found an audience through his Nicki Minaj fan Twitter account.

Also & # 39; Old Town Road & # 39; he faced a tough competition. While at the top of the charts, we had music from Taylor Swift, Post Malone, Ed Sheeran and Eilish, the other star of this year, a regular call "the pop star of his generation". And then it's Bieber, who, as Billboard points out, has a special interest in breaking Lil Nas's record. & # 39; Despacito & # 39; spent 16 weeks in first place in 2017 – a record equaled only by & # 39; One Sweet Day & # 39; by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men.

While all pop songs are successfully made in mind, this blatant attempt to hit the number 1 makes it unfeeling. It is particularly disappointing to come from one of the most innovative acts of 2019. It will be interesting to see how it ranks; only in silence, we hope that listeners will continue to ride until they can no longer ride.

UPDATE: It seems that Lil Nas X has come prepared. He just left his remix of the remix of "Old Town Road", now with Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and Mason Ramsey – the guy from Walmart Yodelling. Will Lil Nas leave her # 1?

Listen below.

Jared Richards is a screenwriter of Junkee and co-host of Sleepless In Sydney on FBi Radio. Follow it up chirping.


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