Billie Eilish’s photo that cost her 100,000 followers on social media

Billie Eilish talked about the followers who unfollowed her

Billie Eilish reported that 100,000 followers stopped following her on her Instagram account after she posted a photo wearing a corset. “People are afraid of the big bust,” said the 19-year-old singer.

The young woman always had a trademark. She was known for wearing an iconic green at the roots with black tips and wearing clothes oversize, but a few months ago, he decided to change his classic style. She dyed her hair, began to sport light blonde hair, and began posing in tighter, more experimental outfits.

However, many of his followers did not accept the transformation and let him know. “People hold onto memories and have an attachment. But it’s very dehumanizing, “said Billie in an interview with the magazine. She. Also, regarding the “rejection” that her fans felt when seeing her with a “new appearance”, the artist revealed: “I lost 100,000 followers, just because of the bust. People are afraid of a large bust”.

The photos of the corset

The corset photos (Instagram @ billieeilish /)

The images in question were published by the young woman last July. These are photographs taken from a low angle in which he sees Billie with a Miaou brand corset with a stamp with tomatoes where the word “Tomato” was also read.

While the image was celebrated by many netizens, Some haters They wrote that the publication gave them “someone else’s embarrassment” and that the music industry had changed her.

Billie has been in the entertainment world since she was very young and each of her choices is thoroughly analyzed on the networks. Even if she has no intention of being judged or sending a message with her clothes or her hair, she knows that she will.

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“The other day I decided to wear a tank top. It wasn’t even a provocative shirt. But I know people are going to say, ‘She dresses sexy and she’s trying to make a statement.’ And the truth is that no, I’m not trying to do that. It’s 500 degrees and I just want to wear a tank top ‘”, the young woman said.

The accusations

Last May, the artist posed for the cover of the magazine Vogue UK. On that occasion, the young woman decided to wear a set of lingerie, high heels and wear a new hair color and referred to the relationship of women with her body.

Billie Eilish surprised with her new look

Billie Eilish surprised with her new look (Vogue /)

“It’s about what makes you feel good. If you want to operate, operate. If you want to wear a dress that someone thinks makes you look giant, fuck it, if you feel like you look good, you look good”. As if he could have anticipated the criticism he received, he added: “Suddenly you are a hypocrite if you want to show your skin, you automatically become a p … If I am, then I’m proud. Me and all the girls are p … fuck it. Let’s turn it around and make it a power factor. Showing your body or not doing it shouldn’t be a reason for them not to respect you”.

Despite the strong message that the artist sought to give, the criticism was not long in coming. Even the diary Daily Mail accused her of “sell” and to change his speech regarding the relationship with his body and the way of showing it. The article was titled: “Proof that money can make you change your values ​​and sell you: fans of Billie Eilish are surprised to see that the singer changed from baggy clothes to lingerie despite promising to hide her body.”

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Despite the criticism, several voices were raised to defend Billie. “I’ll fix it for you,” wrote British journalist and feminist activist Emily Clarkson, in an image that went viral and that Billie herself shared on her Instagram Stories. In capturing the holder Daily Mail, Clarkson argues that, in reality, the production of Vogue UK is “Proof that women can change their opinion and claim autonomy over their bodies.” In addition, he notes that, instead of having “broken a promise”, Eilish simply formed a new opinion, different from the ones she expressed as a teenager.

“I’ll fix it for you”: Billie Eilish shared an image to respond to criticism from the Daily Mail (Instagram Emily Clarkson /)

“She hid her body for years because she didn’t want to be sexualized”Clarkson wrote in the post shared by the singer. “She made this decision when she was a child. Because he knew how adults can be. These decisions are what we have all made: ‘School skirts must not be too short or they will distract the children!’ She went to those extremes because she had to”, Held.

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