Billing for CO2 and kilometers: Now comes the EU-standard toll?


German toll failed: billing for CO2 and kilometers: Now comes the EU-standard toll?

The German toll plans have failed, Transport Minister Scheuer cursed Häme in the minute. But motorists should not weigh in safety: the toll probably comes from Brussels. Then it is billed per kilometer. A comment.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has overturned the German toll plans. A toll was envisaged that would only be used by foreign motorists, while German motorists would be compensated to the same extent in return. But that was not compatible with EU law, the judges decided. “The car toll is thus unfortunately in this form off the table,” said Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer after the verdict. However, he does not want to deny user financing, as practiced by many other EU countries. Motorists and taxpayers already suspect what that means: the toll comes sooner or later in any case. Just without relief.

EU wants kilometer toll for all countries

The toll plans, a years-long prestige project of the CSU, have always been heavily criticized and also had numerous weaknesses. However, the judgment from Brussels shows once again that this does not really matter: the construct EU leads to the fact that national special ways are no longer possible in the future. Brussels seizes everything, including transport policy. This was recently demonstrated by the CO2 limit values ​​or also by limit values ​​for nitrogen oxides. Germany was in the latter just so stupid to run with an EU-unique special placement of the pollutant measuring points in a self-imposed driving ban trap.

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Car drivers, who now breathe on the toll for the toll, should not be fooled: The toll will come – and violently. As early as 2017, the European Commission decided that in the future, it will no longer be time-based but mileage-based tolling systems in the EU. Meaning: every single kilometer should be paid.

Lobby associations are already demanding CO2 tolls

In the context of the desired “traffic turnaround” one wants to couple it with the actual use. Little riders will be happy – frequent travelers, commuters and holidaymakers will find it expensive. And very expensive: “For each kilometer that is driven, must be paid.A toll should also distinguish the CO2 emissions of cars,” calls the closely associated with the German Environmental Aid (DUH) political lobby association Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) ,

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One-off toll would also affect electric cars

Of course, the state has the opportunity to counteract such as by relief in the motor vehicle tax. But even the experience with the energy turnaround shows that what should supposedly cost almost nothing actually costs people hundreds of euros a year today. Ascending trend. So it could also run at the toll. It does not have to be expected that the state will miss out on a source of income that could justify diksussionsabrieving with the slogan “For the climate”.

By the way: Even for electric car drivers, it would probably be over with the tax exemption, if the EU unit toll comes. Because the more electric cars roll on the roads, the lower would have to be the relief even for low-CO2 cars. Someone has to pay the roads eventually. At least that would be fair: So far Stromer drive virtually “black” on our roads.

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