Billionaire Janeček is considering a candidacy for the Castle

“She is thinking about it. He has already had a survey prepared for this, “an anonymized source, who is familiar with the preparations, told the server.

According to the source, the billionaires were provoked by this alleged restriction of freedoms associated with anti-epidemic measures during the coronavirus crisis.

Janeček would like to use the candidacy to promote the D21 election method, which he invented. In this system, the voter has more votes, in a certain setting also negative. According to the author, it should lead to more consensual results than the current electoral system.

According to the server’s findings, Janeček feels that there is a lack of “authority on the Czech political scene that could address people outside party structures.”

Last week, a well-known billionaire and anti-corruption fighter announced the relaunch of the traditional music poll Český slavík (newly Český slavík 21). It is here that Czechs can try voting using the “Janeček method”.

Mathematics is philanthropic

Janeček graduated from the American University of Bradley University, then graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague. He received his doctorate in financial mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

He is a co-owner of the RSJ financial group, which trades in financial derivatives on global exchanges and manages a wide investment portfolio in the Czech Republic and abroad.

He has long been involved in patronage, and is the founder of several endowment funds, including the Neuron Endowment Fund for the Support of Science.

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