Bima Arya Asks for Night Tour of Bogor Botanical Gardens to be Stopped


Bogor Mayor Bima Arya asked the management Bogor Botanical Garden (KRB) stopped operating night tours with lights or glow. This is until there are research results from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and IPB University.

The request was conveyed by Bima Arya at the Bogor City Hall, as reported by Between, Wednesday (29/9/2021), after a dialogue with the management of the Bogor Botanical Gardens from PT Mitra Natura Raya (MNR).

Bima Arya conveyed to the manager of the Bogor Botanical Gardens that there was a letter from botanists, former leaders of the Bogor Botanical Gardens, who expressed objections to the planned night tour operation in the plant conservation area.

Bima Arya asked BRIN and IPB University to conduct a scientific study related to night tourism in the Bogor Botanical Gardens that utilizes floodlights, it is feared that it could disturb the habitats of plants and existing ecosystems.

“The night tour will be stopped until there are results of studies by BRIN and IPB University experts. The results of this scientific study are very important as a basis for deciding whether the night tour can be operated or not,” he said.

Bima Arya also assigned the Head of the Environmental Service Deny Wismanto to help coordinate BRIN and IPB to conduct the study.

“Whatever the answer is from BRIN and IPB, we will communicate it again with PT MNR. In principle, we want to make sure everything goes according to the character of Bogor City and the potential that exists in KRB,” he said.

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Five former heads of the Bogor Botanical Gardens previously made an open letter to address the night tour that will be operated by the manager of the Bogor Botanical Gardens, namely PT MNR.

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