Bimba’s eleven. The Czech “beer case” had a funny ending

What pleased you the most about the just ended season?

Probably performance stability. I am satisfied with her, even if there is a small bug that there was no result on the box.

How long will you rest?

Maybe two weeks, then everyone will move according to their taste. We’re definitely not going to bed for a month and a half. Joint preparation traditionally begins at the beginning of May.

Where will you gain strength? With the family by the sea?

I have no extra plans. I will enjoy time with my family, we will visit relatives. After the season, I’m always tired of traveling and I’m glad I can throw a bag in the corner and not have to pack. So I leave the sea only during the week off that we have in the summer.

Photo: David Taneček, CTK

Michal Krčmář during the supersprint in Jablonec nad Nisou.Photo: David Tanecek, CTK

Are you going to the hockey playoffs as a sports fan?

We are heading to Liberec on Thursday as a whole team at the invitation of the White Tigers. And on Sunday, I’m going to support Sparta against Třinec.

Are you not going to see your favorite Manchester United this year?

Not now. Rather, we were talking with my father that we would like to go to Dortmund for the Bundesliga. But more likely in the next season.

To the show Tiki-Taka on O2 You had Sport send a keg of beer with the inscription Bimbo’s eleven for Slavia striker Mick van Buren. It was after his words that you criticized the practice of sitting with a beer during the season last year. How did you come up with it?

It was kind of a light-hearted joke. I learned that Mick will be at Tiki-Taka and by coincidence Petr Svěcený wrote to me asking if I wanted to send him a message. So I thought I’d send him a keg of beer. Everyone is in it (by tweet at the time) found where I was going and now the community is having fun with it.

He responded to me on Instagram, and I responded. I think we wish him the best. We both come from a sports background, it’s such a joke, even between Sparta and Slavia. (smile)

The Norwegians, especially Johannes Thingnes Bö, were completely dominant in the past biathlon season. Is such dominance good for biathlon, or rather harmful?

For one season I think that’s good. But if it were to last another two or three years, it would not be ideal for the attractiveness of the sport. Sometimes there is a talent that connects everything and Johannes deserves it, but I would like the rest of the world, including us, to catch up with Norway and make the fights more interesting.

At the last race, he made a gesture with his finger in front of his mouth on the shooting range, some called him arrogant. Did it resonate with the competitors?

It had, but positive. As we know Johannes, there was no arrogance involved. He was so unbeatable this year that he could afford it. You can play tricks if you feel like it… But for him it was more about reviving the sport and trying to turn it into a show.

During the season, you did not have the very best skis from the Rossignol company at some races. Are you going to deal with it now after the season?

It was just about warmer conditions, there was no problem in the cold. We already had a conversation with the company in Oslo, they know about it. I want to sit down at home and send them feedback, because not only do they provide us with skis, but we try to move forward together. I believe they will work on it, I am definitely not going to change the brand of skis now.

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