[Biografi Tokoh Dunia] Sargon the Great of Akkadian, the First King of World Civilization

KOMPAS.com – One of the leaders government the earliest in the world, is Sargon the Great.

According to records biography, around 2334-2279 BC, he the first king who ruled a so -called civilization Akkadian Empire, which mostly consists of Ancient Mesopotamia.

He has conquered all of Sumeria (southern Mesopotamia) as well as parts of Syria, Anatolia (Turkey), and Elam (western Iran).

Government Akkadian is the first political entity to have a large-scale, efficient, large-scale bureaucracy to manage its remote lands and culturally diverse people. ThoughtCo.

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Almost nothing is known about Sargon’s early life. There is no date of birth.

The date of his reign is approximate and the end of his reign, 2279, may only be the year of his death.

His name at birth is also unknown, Sargon is the name he adopted as world leaders, according to historical story.

Although his name was among the most well-known in ancient times, the modern world did not recognize him until 1870 AD.

At that time, Sir Henry Rawlinson, a British army officer and Eastern scholar, published “Legend of Sargon”, which he found in the library of Assyrian King Ashurbanipal. Meanwhile, the excavation of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Nineveh was carried out in 1867.

The legend of Sargon, engraved in cuneiform on clay tablets, is thought to represent his biography, although it is often depicted as folklore.

Mother Sargon, said to be a female pastor in a town on the banks of the Euphrates River and probably one of the holy prostitutes, could not take care of the child.

He found a choice very similar to that of Moses’ mother. In the baby Sargon is thought to have floated on the Euphrates, not the Nile.

Historical story said the future founder of the Akkadian Empire was discovered by a gardener serving Ur-Zababa, king of Kish, a large underground city on the island of Kish off the coast of Iran.

thegreatcoursesdaily.com Dewi Ishtar appears in front of young Sargon who works as a gardener.

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Most of Sumer had been controlled by Uruk, so with Ur-Zababa and Lugalzagesi stepping aside, Sargon was the new ruler of an area to launch military campaigns and expand the Akkadian empire.

However, Sargon also wanted to keep the land under his control, so he established an efficient bureaucracy by placing trusted men in each Sumerian city to rule on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Sargon expanded his kingdom, defeating the Elamites to the East, who inhabited the region now called western Iran.

In the West, Sargon conquered parts of Syria and Anatolia. He established his capital at Akkad, near Kish, becoming the first king of the Akkadian dynasty.

The city, which lent its name to the empire, was never found.

He conquered the nearby countries and cities of Ur, Umma, Lagash and developed an empire based on commercial trade, by unifying roads and postal systems.

Sargon made his daughter Enheduanna the high priestess of Nanna, the moon god Ur.

He was also a poet and considered the first writer in the world to be known by his name, credited with creating the paradigm of poetry, psalms, and prayer used throughout the ancient world that led to the genre being recognized today.

Historical stories say, Sargon the Great died of natural causes around 2279 BC and was succeeded by his son Rimush.

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The kingdom of Sargon, Akkadian, lasted a century and a half, ending when it was overthrown by the Gutian dynasty of Sumer during the 22nd century BC.

One of the results of the Sargon conquest was trade facilitation.

Sargon controlled the Lebanese cedar forests and the silver mines of Anatolia, which provided valuable raw materials for trade in the Indus Valley, as well as civilization in Oman and along the Gulf.

The Akkadian Empire was the first political entity to make extensive use of bureaucracy and administration on a large scale, setting the standard for future rulers and empires.

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The first king The Akkadian Empire developed the first postal system, built roads, improved irrigation systems, and advanced art and science.

Sargon is also remembered for creating a society, where the weak are protected.

Historical stories say that during his reign, no one in Sumeria had to beg for food, and widows and orphans were protected.

Rebellion was common during his reign, although he reportedly said his enemies faced “lions with teeth and claws”.

Sargon the Great was not considered a hero from a modest beginning who gained the power to save his people, but the Akkadian kingdom was considered the Golden Age of all time.

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