Biomutant releases patch 1.5 with combat improvements, loot, narrator and other criticized aspects

THQ Nordic’s experimental game is taking the opinion of fans and the press seriously.

Biomutant I had plenty of reasons to be one of the most anticipated games of all of 2021, especially after he was begging for years. And when it came, well left bittersweet sensations between the specialized press and users alike. But it is often said that all constructive criticism is welcome, and in Experiment 101 they are taking the latter very seriously throughout these weeks.

The open world game has released on PC and PlayStation 4 its version 1.5 (look at the name of the patch, which is only six weeks old) with a view to a publication on Xbox One next week. There is a generous batch of news in the downloadable: in total you can count 64 solutions to technical problems, but beyond that there is also many improvements combat, interface, configuration options and general improvements.

Perhaps most striking of all is that the level cap it has been increased from 50 to 100 and new weapon variants have been added. That means that you may find some weapons that despite sharing the same name are available in different rarities, and naturally the higher ones will have better statistics. The parameters have also been readjusted to allow us to discover more varied equipment, with less repetition.

Beyond that, the combat has been enhanced with an enemy pinning option and the ability to cut off some animations using feints. Some lesser opponents will also be able to throw rocks at you and knock you off your mount, on the other hand. Beyond this, a field of view (FOV) bar has been added for the PC version, a button to hide the helmet and a setting to make the interface disappear when we are not in combat, among other things.

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