Bionik presents two accessories for Nintendo Switch: Power Plate and Giganet Adapter –


The accessories company Bionik revealed two new Nintendo Switch accessories and are the following:

  • Feed plate: A portable, multi-purpose backup battery that can fully recharge the switch console battery or both Joy-Cont's more than three times.
  • Giganet adapter: USB 3.0 high-speed Ethernet adapter that fits discreetly into the loading dock of the Nintendo Switch.

This is the press release they shared:

London, England, 14.03.2019 – Bionik ™, a manufacturer of innovative and high quality gaming accessories, today announced the European distribution of Power Plate ™ and Giganet Adapter ™, the first of a range of premium accessories designed for Nintendo. ® Switch ™.

Critically acclaimed in the United States UU., Bionik ™ has quickly gained a reputation for gaming accessories that offer true design innovation and high quality performance.

The Power Plate ™ for Nintendo Switch, unique in its design and eye-catching, is a portable power system that offers a total solution for the Switch player everywhere. Advanced Power Plate ™ Li-on battery technology allows players to charge their Joy-Con ™ controls and the Switch ™ tablet. Unlike any simple battery pack, players can connect their Joy-Con ™ controls to the sides of the Power Plate ™, just as they would with the Switch tablet. Once connected, the Power Plate ™ takes the form of a standard gamepad, allowing users to play and upload simultaneously on the desktop or in dock mode. Players can also connect the Power Plate ™ to the Tablet Switch via the supplied USB Type-C ™ cable, allowing up to two Joy-Con ™ controls and a Switch ™ tablet to be charged simultaneously, if desired by the player. The advanced LED indicators located on the front of the Power Plate ™ allow players to know which products are loaded, as well as showing the battery life of the Power Plate ™ itself. The luxurious carrying case allows players to carry the Power Plate ™ with them as they travel, and the included charging dock connects directly to the Switch ™ base, providing an uncomplicated recharge when the Power Plate ™ remains without power.

High-speed USB 3 Gigabit Ethernet adapter, Giganet Adapter ™ for Nintendo® Switch ™ adds to the switches the ability to connect via ultra-fast Ethernet cable. Designed to fit discreetly into the TV Switch ™ stand and complete the Switch ™ color and texture combination. It includes a unique grid pattern that prevents the TV base ventilation system from being blocked, the Giganet Adapter ™ connects to the USB port on the back of the Switch ™ base and immediately adds a dedicated Ethernet connection to the Switch. Faster and more secure than a Wi-Fi connection, Giganet Adapter ™ supports 10/100/1000-bit Ethernet.

"Nintendo® Switch ™ is a fantastic new game console that has revolutionized the way you play at home and anywhere. As with any popular device, it is already home to a wide range of gaming accessories. Unfortunately, a large number of these has a disappointing quality and is oriented towards the market value side.In Bionik ™, we worked hard to develop a range of premium accessories focused on innovation and performance improvement, producing products that help you sound better and they last longer, "said Amir Navid, senior vice president of product development at Bionik. "Already successful throughout the United States, we are pleased to bring the first products of our Switch ™ range to European players".

For more information on Bionik ™, visit and and follow @BionikGaming on Twitter.

What do you think of these accessories?

Source: Vía press release.


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