BioWare shares details on Anthem’s state and future

While rumors surrounding BioWare point in the direction of an alleged remastering of the original Mass Effect trilogy, the Canadian studio continues to work on its current projects. In that sense, BioWare has shared details on the state and future of Anthem, his latest work, which has not been through his best for a long time. That is why the director of the BioWare Austin studio, Christian Dailey, has wanted to communicate with fans of Anthem through a release on the company’s website, which explains what they have been doing and how it will affect the game’s medium-term future.

“The Anthem incubation team (charged with experimenting with new concepts) has begun to validate our design hypotheses. We are a small team of about thirty people, moving forward as we set out to achieve our first major goals. Spoiler: this will be a long process. And yes, the team is small, but the goal is take our time and go back to the drawing board. And a small team gives us the agility that a bigger one cannot afford ”, Dailey commented about his work methodology.

However, the team’s commitment and sincerity after Anthem did not end there: “We want this experience to be different for the team and our players, but we know that we have some difficult challenges ahead. We want to be open and honest about where we are and what the expectations are where we are going. We want to offer you all the transparency that we can because of your passion and interest in Anthem. “

BioWare has given away Anthem codes for people to stay home

BioWare Austin undertakes to maintain a fluid conversation with fans and to let them know with regular updates how the game is progressing. However, given Dailey’s words, it will likely be a long time before we can see major changes in Anthem. Already last February, BioWare confirmed that it is working on a full review of your action title. Now it seems that the first stones have begun to be laid and that knowing what the Anthem of the future will be like is a matter of time.

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