Bitch gives birth to green puppies


GRambly on four paws: In Wermelskirchen in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district, a mint green baby dog ​​was born in a litter of white Golden Retriever puppies. The little girl, like her siblings, still had her eyes closed, but she did not let herself be fooled when she was crying for her mum “Melody”. “I was worried first,” said “Melody's” owner Joanna Justice. The 43-year-old was with the home birth at night on the past Wednesday with it. “All nine puppies are probably up.”

The green dog wonder already has a name: “Mojito” has baptized Justice the Golden Retriever Young Pound – on the advice of her sister. Puppies with green fur are rare, according to the Düs- seldorf veterinarian Christian Dimitriadis. The expert explains the phenomenon with the fact that had dissolved at the birth of the cake before even “Mojito” was even in the world. In it was the substance biliverdin, which had missed the puppy the green color. Previously, media had reported on the case.

Whether she wants to keep the little, Justice does not yet know. Interested parties had already announced. At least she will have the puppies for eight weeks at least, because they have to stay with the mother as long as she has to. However, “Mojito” will no longer be considered a dog exot: Dimitriadis says the green dog hair will grow out. She is also regularly licked by “Melody”. After that, “Mojito”, like her mum and sibling, will be bright white.



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