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Snowden explained the danger of national cryptocurrencies, Coinbase announced the launch of an NFT marketplace, the Bank of Russia will study the volume of Russian investments in cryptocurrency and other news of the past working week


Bitcoin exchange rate updated four-month high

Since September 29, the cost of the first cryptocurrency has grown by 39%, from a local minimum of $ 40.7 thousand.

Snowden explained the danger of national cryptocurrencies

According to an ex-CIA officer, state digital currencies pervert the very nature of cryptoassets, as they deprive users of ownership of their money.

500 thousand Ethereum was “burned” in the cryptocurrency network

The altcoin burning process started after the London update, which was activated on August 5th. The value of all destroyed coins to date has exceeded $ 1.75 billion


The number of transactions in the Polygon network has halved after the increase in fees

At the beginning of this month, users made about 6 million transactions daily on the altcoin network. As of October 11, this indicator decreased to 3.2 million transactions

Crypto exchanges reported a drop in interest in cryptocurrency in the third quarter

Trading volume on cryptocurrency trading platforms dropped to a low in July when Bitcoin traded at $ 30K.

Analysts have named the reason for the rise in price of bitcoin in October

According to B2C2, in recent weeks the OTC cryptocurrency market has been actively biased towards buyers, while retail investors on crypto exchanges prefer to sell the main digital asset.


The Ministry of Finance announced that there are no plans to lift the ban on cryptocurrencies

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The country’s authorities emphasized that citizens can buy digital assets and use electronic wallets outside of Russia

Coinbase announced the launch of an NFT marketplace

The first public cryptocurrency exchange has already opened an entry for customers to receive early access to the trading platform of non-fungible tokens

Russia took third place in the world in bitcoin mining

The share of China in the world production of the first cryptocurrency dropped to zero. Leadership in this indicator now belongs to the United States


Putin allowed the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment

According to the President of Russia, in the future, digital assets can be used as a store of value, but now they are very unstable and are not yet provided with anything.

The Bank of Russia will study the volume of investments of Russians in the cryptocurrency

The representative of the regulator called the investments of Russians in digital assets a potentially significant problem

Bitcoin rate rises above $ 58 thousand for the first time since May 10

The value of the first cryptocurrency continues to grow after it dropped to a local minimum of $ 40.7 thousand on September 29.Since then, the asset has risen in price by 44%


Bitcoin exchange rate exceeded $ 60 thousand for the first time since mid-April

Over the past day, the first cryptocurrency has risen in price by 3%, and its capitalization has increased to $ 1.1 trillion

Bloomberg reported on the possible timing of the approval of Bitcoin ETF in the United States

SEC May Approve First US Cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Fund Based On Bitcoin Futures

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Coinbase proposes to create a regulator for the US cryptocurrency market

Brian Armstrong, CEO of the crypto exchange, said that the current system of regulation of financial markets is not suitable for the digital assets industry and could harm its development.

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