Bitcoin grows above $ 10,800 | News

Today, Monday, September 28, the price of bitcoin it’s going up slightly. At 08:57 AM PST, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is trading at $ 10,870.80 (+ 0.78%), according to CoinMarketCap.

Pair graph USD / BTC provided by EXANTE

For its part, Ethereum has fallen to $ 356.9 (-0.96%), while XRP has fallen 0.32% to $ 0.243.

The FxPro team of analysts notes:

“Bitcoin has started the working week registering a growth of around 1% and trading around $ 10,900. The price is still hovering around $ 11,000, so it is possible that the cryptocurrency will soon exceed this level. highlight the strong increase in the trading volume of bitcoin. Thus, on Thursday it shot up from 25,000 million dollars to 50,000, a level at which it has remained until the early hours of Monday. Apparently, the expiration of the futures of bitcoin last Friday has not had a negative impact on the cryptocurrency despite the concerns of market participants.

The RSI for the BTC / USD pair is in the ‘neutral’ zone, indicating that there is still room for growth. For its part, the greed and fear index for bitcoin and the largest cryptocurrencies remains in the ‘fear’ area with 43 points, however, it is very close to the ‘neutral’ zone. The rest of the crypto market is following bitcoin’s lead. This boost could come from the traditional market, where the epidemic continues to exert great influence and is worsening in many parts of the world.

A new lockdown, like the one in the spring, could have disastrous consequences for the stock market, which in turn would be felt in the reference cryptocurrency. However, as long as we have stimulus promises from central banks, everything is working as usual, recalling the calm before the storm. “

6 of the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market are in positive territory.

As for the total market capitalization, it stands at $ 348,011,621,761.

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