Bitcoin SV, Augur, Coin Price Analysis: Oct 18

Bitcoin SV You have noticed a lot of volatility in your valuation in recent weeks. Although you didn’t notice a short-term trend, you could be forced to lower the charts in the coming weeks, unless the bulls intervened. Augur it was trading within a price range, but could break out in the next few weeks. Finally, currency it sank lower and lower as the exchange behind the cryptoasset increased its user base.

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Source: BSV / USDT in TradingView

Bitcoin SV ha sido quite volatile during the last month, registering an increase of 23% and two decreases of almost 10% each.

In fact, the cryptoasset did not break through its support at $ 151 or its resistance at $ 179. Furthermore, during the last few trading sessions, the cryptoasset has continued to trade within the range of $ 158- $ 173.

the OBV underscored higher sales volumes for the cryptoasset as it hit a lower low (orange) while the price made a higher low. This suggested that the recent hikes were not the result of a trend reversal and overwhelming buying interest.

The price would have to close above $ 180, and the OBV must break above its previous high (white) to confirm a change in the uptrend.

Augur (REP)

Bitcoin SV, Augur, Coin Price Analysis: Oct 18Bitcoin SV, Augur, Coin Price Analysis: Oct 18

Source: REP / USDT in TradingView

REP formed a rectangular (white) bottom pattern, where the price oscillated between the two limits after entering the formation from above (hence called the bottom). This pattern generally sees an asset breakout to the upside.

In the short term, REP could head south as it slipped below the midpoint. the MACD He further suggested that market momentum has been with the bears of late.

A break above $ 14.6 in good trading volume, ideally followed by a retest of the same level, could indicate higher gains for the crypto asset. Currency (CRO)

Bitcoin SV, Augur, Coin Price Analysis: Oct 18Bitcoin SV, Augur, Coin Price Analysis: Oct 18

Source: CRO / USDT in TradingView Coin faced massive selling pressure, with the Relative Strength Index continues to plunge into oversold zone.

The crypto asset could be under duress because its participation rewards were drastically reduced.

A few days ago, slashed participation rewards from 20% per year to 6% per year for users who had more than $ 5000 in CRO, after the exchange surpassed 5 million users for the first time.

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