Bitcoin Vault, the most popular cryptocurrency of 2020

Cryptocurrency bitcoin vault (BTCV) is a cryptocurrency project that was created to provide an additional level of security, based on a security structure of three private keys, which would be used to guarantee the highest possible protection for the user.

The asset maintains the known characteristics of Bitcoin, adding other important and attractive aspects for users. Properties that, for many, make it look like the key to solving the vast majority of the disadvantages that conventional cryptocurrencies present today.


Bitcoin Vault promises secure storage, providing “a higher level of security based on a security framework of three private keys,” rlarger e-rewards for miners and very large liquidity within exchange platforms.

One of the most popular investments today is Bitcoin Vault, which is considered by many to be the best cryptocurrency available on the market today to trade.

And is that Bitcoin Vault has shown a growing trend. Some analysts estimate that the future price of the asset will be around $ 1,071 (721,800%), within at least one year.

This means that if investors buy $ 100 of BTCV now, their current investment may be worth $ 821.8 in September of next year.

This means that this asset is suitable as a new addition to your portfolio, as trading bull markets is always much easier.

Something totally feasible, if it is considered that said asset went from $ 25.45 last March to a maximum of $ 483 in August of this 2020.

Also, in the last month, BTCV has ranged between $ 105 and $ 180.

The mining town of Bitcoin Vault

Bitcoin Vault was launched on the market with the support of two mining companies: Minebest, an entity that works in the field of mining infrastructure and technology; and Minning City, a company run by Gregory Rogowski.

Thanks to the work of both firms, BTCV made $ 135 million within its first few months of availability.

In addition, IDAM, a Korean investment group, supported Bitcoin Vault with 100 million dollars, which will be disbursed when the mining power reaches 1EH of power, since at that point, its mining power would be at par of Bitcoin Cash before the 2020 halving.

In this way, Bitcoin Vault presents considerable support for its cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Vault was directly inspired by the original Bitcoin whitepaper. Satoshi Nakamoto created his masterpiece as a form of “digital gold”, not “digital cash”. Its main purpose was not to make payments, but to store value.

However, almost all subsequent crypto development (including Bitcoin itself) focused on payments. Everyone tried to speed up transactions, lower fees, etc. Only a few people cared about improving the storage of value functionality. As a result, today you can easily pay for a latte with Bitcoin, but a thief on the other side of the world can steal your savings almost as easily.

The solution, offered by Bitcoin Vault, is quite simple: “Let’s make a coin with a similar function to Bitcoin transactions, perhaps with a slower transaction speed (for security reasons) and more expensive (in case of reversing a transaction , for which users would have to pay another transaction fee), but with the additional possibility of reversing the transaction in 24 hours ”, according to Eyal Avramovich, CEO of MineBest.

BTCV offers opportunities

Bitcoin Vault not only provides a high standard of security, but also sells packages to mine the cryptocurrency, thanks to its alliance with the mentioned mining companies.

The packages include an initial cost that starts at $ 300 and goes up to $ 12,600. Those who make the purchase will get a hashrate amount with which to mine the crypto. Guaranteed returns range from $ 7,000 to $ 351,900.

What the promoters promise is that with the increase in the price of the cryptocurrency, users will get rich. Something possible, given the profitability of the asset.

Other features

Bitcoin Vault claims to be a long-term store of value, “with complete peace of mind.” In addition to being “anti-theft”, because each transaction can be reversible within 24 hours, which would allow to recover the stolen funds. Finally, it offers solutions for companies.

The asset is listed on various exchanges, such as Liquid, Probit, and Hotbit.

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