Bitcoin's daily trading volume exceeded $ 11 billion


On Friday, March 15, the daily trading volume of the first cryptocurrency exceeded $ 11 billion. The last time this figure was recorded on April 25 last year, when Bitcoin was trading around $ 8,845, according to Sam Umet, analyst at CoinDesk Markets.

According to him, high trading volumes indicate investor interest in Bitcoin. However, he notes, the correlation between the trading volumes and the price of the first cryptocurrency was lost in November 2018, when the indicator did not decrease after the quotes.

On November 10, before the collapse began from $ 6,000 to $ 3,000, the daily trading volume was $ 3.7 billion. Now it's more than double.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin price on Bitfinex has already touched $ 4,000, but on Bitstamp the $ 3,900 mark has not yet been passed.

Bitstamp data

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