Health Biterrois: a case of indigenous dengue detected in the...

Biterrois: a case of indigenous dengue detected in the hamlet of Réals

A person has been infected with a tiger mosquito in Cessenon-sur-Orb.

A person has been infected with dengue in Cessenon-sur-Orb, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) confirmed. Although little is known about the patient, we do know that he was staying in the hamlet of Réals, between Cessenon and Murviel-lès-Béziers. This is an indigenous case contaminated by a tiger mosquito infected by a person returning from a risk area.

In the current context of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, on the spot, we take the thing with fatality. Marie-Pierre Pons, mayor of Cessenon, explains: “The ARS obviously warned us, but we don’t know much about this case. We know that it was detected in the perimeter of the hamlet of Réals but, it must be said, not on the base, on the part of the dwellings, in a small part of the area. “

Mild illness

Today, we still know that the infected person is doing well. Dengue is a generally mild illness whose symptoms, similar to those of the flu (high fever, joint pain, severe headaches), can be temporarily disabling. This disease is transmitted from person to person through the bite of a tiger mosquito previously infected with the virus. In Réals, a number of precautions were taken: “They intervened at night to eliminate the mosquitoes, continues Marie-Pierre Pons. They also warned the health workers, doctors and nurses in the sector, so that they are aware and can react in case of new cases. On our side, they asked us to inform the general public and educate people about the symptoms.These being close to those of Covid-19, there may be some confusion.

All that was missing was that, one would be tempted to write. It is a little the feeling which prevails in the local population thus warned: “People think it’s starting to get a lot!, comments the mayor of Cessenon. One more thing to add, but there is no more concern. We just hope it stays limited to one case. “

Since the start of the seasonal surveillance period, on May 1, and with the exception of this event, all of the cases reported nationally have been “imported” cases, linked to travelers returning to France. A case is said to be “indigenous” when a person contracts the disease without having traveled to a contaminated area in the fifteen days preceding the onset of symptoms. In view of this identified “indigenous” case, reinforced prevention measures are implemented near the case and the area concerned.

For the time being, there is no concern in this very touristy area and therefore very busy at the moment. The Réals base, the river or the campsite are not concerned and no specific measure has been recommended by the ARS to the municipality.

Precautions, no worries

A local epidemiological survey will be carried out in the coming days with the neighborhood in order to identify possible other sick people around this single case currently listed. As the tiger mosquito is a vector for the spread of the disease, some precautions are necessary to fight against their proliferation. Eliminate places where water can stagnate: small rubbish, bulky items, green waste … Change the water in the plants once a week. Eliminate resting places for adult mosquitoes …


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