Bitfoyl Bia .. What is the secret of the last image of singer Mustafa Amar with his wife?


The singer Mustafa Kamar took a photo with his wife before starting filming in one of his works of art, which he filmed during the current period, and the artist expressed his support. wife for her work, with the participation of the photo to her audience. "My wife and some moments before the photograph, The photo received a great reaction from the public, with over 11,000 photos collected in a few hours.

Mustafa Amar with his wife
Mustafa Amar with his wife

The star, Mostafa Amar, collaborates with composer Mohammed Rahim in a song called "Over the Moon", and bets heavily on it during his new album, which includes 8 tracks scheduled for the summer season. And Weyak".

In his new album, Amar collaborates with numerous composers, poets and distributors, including Hamid El Shaeri, Ayman Bahgat Amar, Amr Mostafa, Mohamed El Hady, Walid Saad, Amir Taaima, Reza Zayed, Samah Karim, Moudi Said Ramadan Mohamed, Usama Mustafa, Khaled Amin, Ahmed Alaeddine and others.

In addition to the album, Qamar reads a series of cinematic scenarios, one of which is set in one of these over the next few years: his latest film is "Feen Qulbi", which was revisited again in the cinema after absence of 4 years. Mustafa Kamar appeared in the figure of a young man married to a girl exposed to illness and falls in love with others.

Download Mostafa Kamar
Download Mostafa Kamar

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