Bixby is updated to understand the Latin American Spanish language

Samsung has announced that Bixby, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant, already supports the Latin American Spanish language.

Latin American Spanish-speaking Bixby users around the world now have the option to interact with their Samsung Galaxy devices in their local language, as previously Brazilian Portuguese was the only Latin American language supported by Bixby.

Bixby is an intelligent voice assistant that helps Samsung Galaxy users navigate their devices and organize their lives, just like a personal assistant. It can help open apps and settings, remember appointments, and generally help with everyday tasks. Bixby can even communicate with others by answering calls, composing messages, and much more.

Until now, users in South and Latin America had to use European Spanish with Bixby. The new compatibility will allow them use local dialects, accents and nuances to interact more naturally with the device.

Bixby has grown tremendously in recent years, as registered users have doubled, surpassing 200 million by 2022.

Latin American Spanish for Bixby is available today for select Samsung Galaxy models, including the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip4, and Galaxy Z Fold4, after going through a software update. Support for additional devices will roll out soon, including the Galaxy S20, and Z Flip3 in December, with further expansion planned for early 2023.

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