Bizarrap changes name to Bizapop and announces a new session

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Shaving has generated great expectation for the release of his next single. The musician revolutionized social networks by changing his name to Bizapop in Instagram on Monday, September 25. Two days later, she uploaded a photo to Twitter in which you can see that he has modified the letters of BZRP to form BZPP even on his cap.

The big surprise came on the night of Thursday, September 28. The Argentine published in YouTube a video called Bizapop, which serves to announce the date of your next ‘session’. It is a short film of almost nine minutes that has been directed by Jaime James.

The production, reminiscent of the film The wolf of Wall Street, shows the artist in an office with dozens of workers excited and celebrating their success. “We reached 8.5 billion views on Spotify. We won, we won again and we are going to continue winning,” he says in reference to his figures. Music Sessions #52 con Quevedo.

A manager, played by the actor Guillermo Francella (The Secret in Their Eyes), interrupts the party and calls him to his office. There she shows him messages on social networks that talk about “Bizapop” y “Biza sin rap“. When he asks him to remember what he had told him in the past, the producer responds: “The more people listened to us, the more difficult it would be to satisfy everyone.”

The company boss shares: “When that happens, you have to understand that people don’t choose what music to listen to, but it is the music that chooses who wants to listen to it. A person is born, a million things happen to him throughout his entire life and, suddenly, a song appears. He is one person, one. “Sometimes I would like to hear what the music thinks of all of us.”

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